I Want Jelly Bean On My Phone Already

According to AT&T’s website, the new HTC One X+ will be coming out this Friday with Android 4.1 (also known as Jelly Bean). I really hope that means that if not by this Friday, at least sometime soon after that my phone will also be getting its software upgraded to 4.1 as well. I mean I know that I’m already looking to getting the new Nexus 4 in the near future. But in the meantime, I would love to see if my phone’s software glitches will disappear with this new upgrade. HTC has promised that the HTC One X was going to get Jellybean and that it was supposed to happen sometime in November. Here we are and their new phone is ready to come out. I really would like to see this promise come true. I believe the Galaxy S 3 has already been getting the upgrade and that phone came after mine (so far this is true for Sprint versions).


2 thoughts on “I Want Jelly Bean On My Phone Already

  1. I’ve really enjoyed the two iPhones I’ve owned, but if no one figure out how to jailbreak iOS 6 then it will no longer be possible to customize them and I’ll be heading over to the world of Android. I gotta start learning the lingo. Jelly Bean, eh?

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