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I Want Jelly Bean On My Phone Already

According to AT&T’s website, the new HTC One X+ will be coming out this Friday with Android 4.1 (also known as Jelly Bean). I really hope that means that if not by this Friday, at least sometime soon after that my phone will also be getting its software upgraded to 4.1 as well. I mean I know that I’m already looking to getting the new Nexus 4 in the near future. But in the meantime, I would love to see if my phone’s software glitches will disappear with this new upgrade. HTC has promised that the HTC One X was going to get Jellybean and that it was supposed to happen sometime in November. Here we are and their new phone is ready to come out. I really would like to see this promise come true. I believe the Galaxy S 3 has already been getting the upgrade and that phone came after mine (so far this is true for Sprint versions).

New Nexus 4 Is Out In Time For The Holidays

On Monday, 10/29/12, Google did a blog post about their new devices in lieu of their press event cancellation (there being this whole Hurricane Sandy ravaging New York City and all). In the blog post they talked about their upgraded Nexus 7 tablet, their new Nexus 10 tablet and the new Nexus 4 phone made by LG. of these 3 devices it’s obvious that the Nexus 4 appeals to me the most.

As you already know I had a taste of the pure Android experience when I had a Galaxy Nexus for a few days. My only knock on it was that it didn’t work too well on the AT&T network and it didn’t have LTE speeds. This new device also doesn’t have LTE; however, with all the new specs on it and Black Friday coming around in a few weeks, I may risk my contract termination fee if there is a possibility that I’ll be able to get this new Nexus device for a penny or less. Last year, the Galaxy Nexus didn’t come out until after Black Friday, so I’m very pleased that this new device is coming out on November 13. This new device specs wise is on par with every other Android device currently on the market, except that it will have the pure Google experience without any compromises. That is the experience that I want more than anything.
I have a taste of LTE and it is pretty damn good when it’s working but I’ve noticed that T-Mobile’s faux-G speeds aren’t too far off from the LTE experience. I probably should’ve sucked up the slow speeds initially and switched to T-mobile when my contract expired. But I didn’t. Instead, I got the HTC One X and renewed my contract. The HTC One X isn’t a bad device. The hardware is still sound. Unfortunately the Sense UI being what it is, my device suffers from freeze-ups and latency. Also applications tend to crash every so often. Fragmentation can definitely be a  cause of this, but I think it may also just be HTC’s customizations that may be playing a part as I didn’t experience these same issues with the Galaxy Nexus. Granted, I only had the GN for a few days whereas I’ve had my current device for a few months to truly experience these issues and glitches that Android devices have been known to have. Whatever the case may be, I was initially set on experiencing Android the pure way and I see a new opportunity to achieve that goal.

Here is hoping that the new Nexus 4 will indeed be one of the Android phones that will have that penny or less discount come Black Friday

Back On The Android Bandwagon With My New HTC One X

I know I know. I said I wasn’t going to go back to Android anytime soon. And yet, here we are and here I am.

I felt that all the stars were aligned for me to make the jump back to Android. Between the HTC and Samsung models there are very few differences that make one more compelling than the other; except, for a few intangibles thanks to my phone carrier that made my choice much easier.

Both devices are just 16GB models on AT&T (though the Samsung phone does have an expansion slot). For me, that leveled the playing field. What gave the HTC the edge was that it still has the free Dropbox storage promotion attached (25GB with HTC, 50GB with Samsung with qualifying carriers) and of course, it just has a better overall design. Lastly, it was only $119 on Amazon Wireless (about $135+ with tax).

So here I am with my new phone typing out this blog entry with the new SwiftKey 3 keyboard and I’m loving it. Already put my iPhone back on Gazelle (it actually went up in value from the last time I got a quote), and I don’t believe I’ll be looking back.