Music Makes Your Day Go By

In the past few days, I have been in a pretty good zone. Been posting on this here blog and at the NoF ezine-turned-blog and there is a little secret to it! Well maybe not really, but it’s a little trick that has worked for me. It is a little thing I would do back in my high school days but have seem to forgotten and now I’m using it once again.

In high school, whenever I wanted to get myself in cartooning or writing mode I would listen to some of my favorite tunes, any songs that I was really into and just let the melodies, rhythm and beats take me to another place. Before you know it the day has gone by and I would have a completed piece of work. It was wonderful and awesome and I can’t believe I forgot how music would keep me focused on the things that I needed or wanted to get done. Podcasts have something to do with that.

Since 2006, I discovered and have enjoyed podcasts tremendously. This also happened to coincide with the time that I was falling out of love with some genres of music so listening to something that wasn’t music was quite refreshing. Podcasts also have led me audio-books and Since then I’ve been listening to mostly podcast shows and books. Music was always at the bottom of the things-to-listen-to list. The only times I would really listen to music is if I had a small commute to do or a very small errand that wouldn’t give me enough time to listen to a podcast or audio book while I was doing said action.

This past week however, I was falling behind on too much consumption and I had a lot of thoughts that I wanted to express. With so many thoughts bouncing around in my head I didn’t want to add more ideas in my already cluttered mind. Music became the go to choice. And it paid off! I got many blog ideas out of my mind, got my podcast episode recorded and posted. I even dwindled my in-box down to single digits!!! All that and bucket loads of housework out of the way. I’m still behind on my web-comics and some blogs but hey, Rome wasn’t built overnight. Kudos to listening to music while getting your groove on!

No Resolutions This Time Around

A new year has come and gone and this time I decided not to do any resolutions. I’ve come to the realization that I just never come through on any of them and therefore there is no need for this pressure on my life, only to end up in failure once again.

One of the things that made me come to this realization is that I’ve come to grips with the fact that I’m a consumer and not a producer of content. If my two failed podcasts and my irregular blog entries aren’t evidence of this I don’t know what is.

Take the New Year’s three day holiday weekend I had. Instead of doing anything creative or productive with my time I spent it watching episode after episode of a TV series called Psych (all 5 seasons). Upon watching this marathon of content I saw actress Sarah Shahi, who I’m a fan of, on one of the episodes of Psych and wondered if she was doing anything presently. I discovered she is going to be on a new series on USA network and promptly subscribed to it on Hulu.

Instead of looking forward to doing something creative I just look forward to more stuff to take up my time. Even this blog entry took a backseat to other more recreational tasks. AS I’m finishing this entry I’m watching the NFC divisional playoff match between the Packers and the Falcons.

So to sum up. I look forward to entertaining myself than to doing something creative. Last year wasn’t too bad. It definitely started promising but then dwindled down during the Summer and pretty much came down to a halt in the Fall and Winter. Let’s see if I do better or worse for 2011.


An Issue With Skype

This past weekend I decided to try something a little different with my podcast. For some time I’ve wanted to experiment with Skype and I missed having a co-host so I convinced a friend of mine, Greg, to do a show with me. It seemed that everything recorded fine but at post edit I realized that his levels were much lower than I thought. After much tweaking I realized that the recording wasn’t salvageable unless I was willing to post an episode with a cohost who sounded like he was under water.

For whatever reason I just don’t have the proper hardware for this scenario so I decided to look for a software solution. I found two in Audio Hijack Pro and Call Recorder. I’ll be testing these out and hopefully the next time around won’t be an abysmal failure.

So because of this setback, there was no podcast posted this past week and for that I apologize. Hopefully things wil be back to normal by this weekend.

My Podcast Got Added To Stitcher!

For anyone who is a fan of podcasts and wanted the ability to stream their favorite shows like a radio station a la pandora, Stitcher is the website for you. If you have an iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre/Pixi or Android phone, there is also an app to make streaming easier. I had heard of this program a few months ago (right when I first got my iPhone) but they seemed to had a limited amount of shows to choose from.

Then lo and behold, when I checked out Marc Maron’s website recently, I realized that they have been adding more content and that they now had the option for podcasters to request that they add their shows on their directory as well. I immediately emailed them and can now proudly say, The Julio From NY Show is now available on Stitcher as well. Please support them and my show as well by clicking on the Stitcher badge below, signing up and adding my show to your favorites.