The Julio From Ny Show Episode 22: A Very Belated Christmas Special

As the title suggests, I was late in getting this episode recorded and posted on the interwebs. However, that being said I’m sure people are still feeling the Christmas spirit, especially when they start listening to that jolly Christmas music.

Also I decided, to save time and for convenience, that instead of giving you a link to the show notes I’ll just give you the shownotes and an audio player if you’re interested in listening. So without further ado, here is the link to the audio file and the shownotes for this episode:

Show Notes for Episode 22: A Very Belated Christmas Special
-What we have done since we recorded the last episode
-Doing Christmas decorations
-Work, work, work and it’s snowing again!
-Weather is crazy, feels like 0 degrees F outside, but not as cold as this place in Siberia
-Met some KATG fans in NYC
-Had a weird encounter with the Mac Guy: Justin Long
-Went to the When Harry Met Sally Deli/Diner: Katz Delicatessen
-Went to New Rochelle, NY to celebrate Claudia’s father’s Birthday
-Claudia is on “vacation” until Jan. 5th… YAY!

NY Global Girl Segment
-Christmas in Guatemala
-Different Christmas decorations
-The fun in Posadas
-Villancicos Navideños (Christmas Carols)
-Christmas Specials

Track List:
-Sleigh Ride by Dan Johnson
-Dominic the Donkey by Lou Monte
-Santa Claus is Coming to Town by Jeffrey Scot Wills
-Sleigh Ride by LaVerne Butler
-Carol of the Bells by Pittsburgh Symphony Brass
-Winter Wonderland by Richard Posthumus
-Nutcracker March by Pittsburgh Symphony Brass
-The Christman Song by Stacey Kent
-Podsafe Christmas Song by Jonathan Coulton

Songs Provided by IODA Promonet:

A Christmas Concert for BrassPittsburgh Symphony Brass
“Carol of the Bells” (mp3)
from “A Christmas Concert for Brass”
(Four Winds Entertainment, Inc.)

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A Song of ChristmasPittsburgh Symphony Brass
“Nutcracker March” (mp3)
from “A Song of Christmas”
(Four Winds Entertainment, Inc.)

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A Central Standard ChristmasJeffrey Scot Wills
“Santa Claus is Coming to Town” (mp3)
from “A Central Standard Christmas”

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The Christmas SongStacey Kent
“The Christmas Song” (mp3)
from “The Christmas Song”
(Candid Productions)

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MAXJAZZ HolidayLaVerne Butler
“Sleigh Ride” (mp3)
from “MAXJAZZ Holiday”

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Episode 21 is up and running

In this episode the missus and I have some heated discussions about the War On Drugs, Barack Obama and whether or not his presidency will be more of the same or if it will actually be worthwhile change.  If this has piqued your interest, by all means, give it a listen.

Click on this link to go to the show notes and download the episode

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Episode 20 is up and running

Finally got around to finishing up Episode 20. This episode is jam-packed with Blues, Blues-Rock and Folk-Rock music. Hope you all enjoy.

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Need more self-control

Sometime today, I received an email from Amex informing me of this great deal on an HDTV (a Sharp Aquos 42″ inch 1080p LCD for $400 in case you’re wondering), and I felt an immediate impulse to go for it. Unfortunately or maybe fortunately, depending on how you see it, they were only selling 50 of them and I had to purchase it at a certain time. Naturally, when the time came and I clicked on the buy button I was locked out of the deal and they wanted me to keep clicking on buy, in hopes that someone would bail on the deal leaving me an opportunity to dive in. After doing this for roughly five minutes, I decided to get back to work and come back after completing a task. A few minutes later, I came back and it was sold out.

This little scenario made me feel a little cheated and really jonesing for a new TV set. Of course, my wife tried to break through my hysteria with reason but I wasn’t listening. I saw a decent deal in Walmart (though not as close as the one that I lost out on), and even put the TV in my cart, created a log-in and proceeded to check out. As I was filling out my information and adding some accessories that I would need (HDTV cables, etc), I once again rethought about how much in the hole this would put me in and my current financial situation.

I wrestled with my faculties and my constant need for shiny new gadgets and in the end reason won out and I just cancelled the whole ordeal. I mean I still have a decent TV, I already got the Tivo HD and I can always get an HDTV later (the prices will only get lower as time goes on). Still the urge was and still is lingering deep inside me. I just have to keep telling myself that when I’m more financially sound my future purchases will only be that much sweeter.

New Tivo HD is on the way!!!!!

Instead of joining the masses for the annual Black Friday Hoopla, I decided, after work, to do some shopping on the interwebs. After much debating, I finally settled on getting a new Tivo HD. The clincher was the fact that I will now be able to browse Netflix movies through the new Tivo Box. How can that not be a great idea for only $8 a month?

So I ordered it via Amazon and as a Prime member I set it up for 2 days shipping. Well Lo and behold I got the wireless adapter tonight and the Tivo should be here tomorrow evening. I’m very psyched and I will be calling my cable provider tomorrow to set up the appointment for the installation process to replace my silly cable box for some cards to insert into my new Tivo!!! Yay to me!!!