Episode 13 Is Up And In Record Time

Got to record this week’s episode this afternoon and get it posted and running in a matter of hours.  This is definitely the most expeditious fashion that I’ve done it in. I just hope the quality is as good as our previous episodes.  So this week, Claudia and I discussed the 700 billion dollar bailout and our thoughts on the Presidential debate that occurred this past Friday.  Enjoy.

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Drunk American Woman talk politics.

It’s crazy that there are people this ignorant on today’s politics. Makes you really wonder what’s going to happen come Election Day

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Economics and Annoying Smart Guys

This is a nice explanation in laymen terms about how we should approach economics and voting.

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Episode 12 is up and running

Due to the sheer exhaustion Claudia and I are feeling from the enormity of the last episode we decided to take a little break and do a music episode.  I didn’t want to leave you guys with nothing so I took great care to pick out past songs from the previous episodes that I thought would be enjoyable to listen to in a play-list.   And if you’d like to know the names of the songs and artist played on the show by all means check out the show notes.  So enjoy 🙂

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Guatemala's Independence day is gone but not forgotten

On September 15th, 2008, Guatemala and all of Central America celebrated their Independence Day.  The missus and I tried to get a Guatemala-themed show ready by this time but unfortunately, due to time-constraints and and overwhelming amount of content, we were off the mark.   Well late is better than never.  So for those who would still like to learn more about Guatemala’s Independence Day or just listen to some good Guatemalan music I give you episode 11 of my little podcast.

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