Please Help Fund “Stripped: The Comics Documentary”

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always read comic strips. There is some magical thing that happens when words and images come together into a nice concise punchline, that hasn’t’ lost its appeal to me. I’ve now moved from news comic strips to webcomics of course, but I still have a few favorites that I read online to this day (Garfield, Foxtrot, Calvin & Hobbes, Pearls Before Swine, Luann, etc). So you can imagine how tickled pink I was when I found out that a documentary was being made, regarding this wonderful medium that may be on it’s last legs as newspapers are going the way of dinosaurs.

The creators of this documentary, Dave Kellett, of Sheldon webcomics fame, and cinematographer Frederick Schroeder, wanted to share their passion and love of this art form and show how it has evolved from the page to the web and how it may still be relevant to society today, even if it’s just to entertain for a brief 3-4 pane read. I for one definitely put in my pledge to make this film happen and I encourage you all to do the same. Just watch the trailer and then donate as little as $5.00, if you feel compelled to do so.

Down below are some rough cuts from the documentary. I encourage you check the trailer before watching the videos down below, or not, your choice.

Newly Added Video 😀

Trying To Wait Patiently To Drink Deep

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I love to read fiction. Especially, speculative fiction in the urban fantasy and/or paranormal genre (think Sookie Stackhouse, Harry Dresden, Anita Blake, etc). Unfortunately, time being what it is and my relationship to it being fleeting, I always have chores and such that get in the way of me sitting down and reading. Thankfully, there are services like Audible that allow me to at least listen to novels while I’m moving around getting other things done. Though maybe not as satisfying as reading text (and definitely not necessarily a great way for me to retain any memory of the experience) it at least keeps me exposed to these wonderful worlds of fancy while I get other things I need to do out of the way.

This past week sucked me into the world of the Chicagoland Vampires series by Chloe Neill. At first I wasn’t initially drawn in by the style of writing (or I guess narrating in this case) but the premise was interesting enough that I continued to listen and before you knew it I went through all 4 novels and cannot wait for the fifth one to come out in November next month (it’s available in print right now but not in audiobook form just yet).

Not to reveal any spoilers, even though the fourth book has been around for at least a year now, but an unexpected twist close to the ending of “Hard Bitten” really left me for a loop. It was definitely not something I was accustomed to experiencing in any of my past favorite fiction series and it makes me impatient of what’s to come in the fifth book of this series.

I want to hear what’s in store for the vampire heroine, Merit, and what new disasters await her beloved Cadogan House. Hopefully the wait won’t be that long.

Week 25 of Weight Training: Ready To Start Anew

Not much to really say about this past week. I didn’t really do much of anything to improve my physical state. I was still in the abyss of some self loathing but I’m now over it and when I weighed myself this past Sunday I was down to 225 pounds again (Can’t seem to shake that number lol).

That’s pretty much it. I plan to do better this coming week, though today hasn’t quite started all that promising. I guess the next blog entry will tell the tale.

Please Help Me Decide Something On My Podcast

For those of you have been listening to the Julio From NY Show and heard episode 67, I finally put the poll up for you guys to vote on. For those of you who don’t listen and don’t know what I’m talking about, allow me to summarize. On episode 67, I discussed that I was mulling over what I should do about the closing song of the show and, to hopefully help me with my decision, I was going to put up a poll so that the fans of said podcast can vote on it.

So now the poll is up and awaiting results from votes. Even if you don’t listen to it, wouldn’t it be fun to wield such power as the fate of the closing song of a show? Give it a shot. It won’t cost you a thing and it can have such an effect on what I do. Come on, you know you want to 😉

Week 24 of Weight Training: Another Pound Gained, Another Ounce of Shame

This past week I didn’t have any excuses. Some rain, notwithstanding, I should’ve been able to have made time for exercise. I only exercised once last week. And threw all other caution to the wind.

Because of my lack of effort I went up another pound (Back up to 226 lbs) and I think I pretty much lost the fight in me. I had two free days this week and didn’t bother to try to exercise. I have a morning shift tomorrow so technically I should have plenty of time to begin exercise anew before dinner, or right after, to start getting things right again. But I’m not sure if I care anymore. I know intellectually that I should. I have been making good progress and despite some setbacks I have been doing ok thus far.

I guess I’m just in self-pity mode and for the moment just need a brief respite of self-loathing and solace before I get myself back up and start the process all over.  I almost didn’t even bother writing this blog entry (which is why it took so long to get this posted). But here it is. I guess I haven’t quite given it all up just yet.