Episode 17 is up and running

Well..  I still haven’t had much time for the old blog.   Being under the weather and now having a defunct iPod were the culprits, I swear!!!  At least I was able to make time for the podcast, right?  I’ll try to write something in here between the next recording but for now you can at least hear my thoughts in audio form.  Enjoy!!

Click on this link to go to the shownotes and download the episode

Episode 16 is up and running!!

Yeah I know I haven’t been keeping my promise to write on my blog daily, but at least I’m being more prompt with my podcast.  In this episode, on top of sharing my current viewpoint on politics, we talk about how Tivo changed the way Claudia and I watch and listen to media and what new shows we’re currently watching.  Enjoy!

Click on this link to go to the show notes and to download the episode

Episode 15 is up and running

Nuff Said!!! Another episode is up and ready for your listening ears.  Claudia and I discuss our thoughts on the vote purging scandal that I mentioned on this blog earlier on and of course I skim through some other news stories that I found interesting.  Enjoy.

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Episode 14 is up and running

After much delay, we finally got episode 14 up and running. We will be preparing to get another one up in a few days. Until then, enjoy.

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Greg Palast's "Theft of the 2008 Election" on youtube

Once seeing as how Greg Palast put his news special on youtube (I only heard it in audio form in Democracy Now!) I couldn’t help but post it on this blog as well to continue spreading the word.  For your viewing pleasure:

Part 1:

Part 2: