Month: August 2009

Links I found interesting for week ending 8/30/09

As promised, here are the links I found interesting this past week . Some are enjoyable others are funny and some are just interesting. Enjoy:

This is a link to an up and coming R&B singer who is definitely enticing me to buy her album when it comes out on October 20.

This is a link to what I believe is going to be the movie of the year. But don’t take my word for it, check the link.

This is a link of a politician with poor communication skills & can’t handle hecklers. He should just give up this career choice.

This is just a funny and quick video.

Here is a link of an old Michael Jordan schooling a youngin at a little practice/workout.

This is a link of a husband doing a rather nasty prank on his wife for not listening to him.

Let me know if you prefer this format or if you would rather I just embed the video on my blog entries.  I’ll look forward to your replies.  Until the next batch of fun videos.

Quite an early start to my weekend

So unlike most Saturdays, where I sleep 12+ hours and wake up around 11am the earliest, I was up and about by 7am. I had to go to White Plains to see my orthodontist and seek a second job. I went to my old employer and I hope it pans out because I really need the cash. After that, I headed back to NYC, specifically downtown to help Claudia get some really expensive architect books for her upcoming school year, went to my mom’s for a delicous steak linner (late lunch, early dinner) and then passed out for 3 hours. When we came to, we enjoyed a nice late night of comedy and must now hurry back home by which I will happily partake of my usual 12 hour slumber. At the bottom of this post you’ll see two photos we took at the comedy place. Will hopefully post some YouTube videos I enjoyed tomorrow.

This is the dessert that Claudia enjoyed.

This is Ochi’s Lounge, the basement club of Comix

Taking A New Approach

So I’m testing out the new WordPress app on the iPhone and thanks to another blogger I decided to take the pressure off of myself. What I mean by this is, as I’ve said in previous posts, I sometimes take blogging too seriously and end up writing nothing because I can’t find any validation in what I have to say. Well thanks to the “anti-blog” I decided to just blog whatever random thought catches my fancy, no matter how trivial; furthermore, if I see a video or other item on the web that interests me to some degree, I’ll link it over here and share the wealth so to speak. That’s all really. Like I said, not going to take it that seriously anymore.

P.S. This WordPress app is pretty good.