Comix has closed. No more funny business.

Just read on the “Comic’s Comic” blog that my favorite comedy club (where I also did my 5 minute stand up routine for my graduation class), is no more. This is truly sad news for us comedy fans.


The Julio From NY Show Episode 46b: My Standup Debut

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Show Notes for Episode 46b: My Standup Debut

I took a 6-week comedy course at the Manhattan Comedy School and on Thursday night, October 15th, 2009, I graduated by performing a 4-5 minute set at Comix Comedy Club. Here is the end result. Enjoy 🙂

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Here It Is, My Comedy Debut

So I got my DVD today and figured out how to use HandBrake in order to get it on YouTube. So here it is. Enjoy!

A Moment Of Reflection

I know it’s cliché but words can’t describe the feelings that went through me as I got on stage that fateful night. I remember stepping out into the blaring lights momentarily disoriented and then immediately realizing that I had to start my set right away or this silence would get steadily awkward as I continued to utter nothing. After getting the initial laugh the butterflies settled down, time slowed to a surreal version of real-time and I was able to become more aware of the audience and when I should pause for laughs as I went on. As the laughs continued, I became progressively more comfortable and at ease. Within that 4-5 minute span, as I was entertaining the masses any nervous energy that I initially started with dissipated and I just embraced the cathartic moment. I wasn’t perfect by any means but I was able to ride the tide of mirth in the room and continue directing its ebb and flow.

Before I knew it, I ran out of material and time, the host came back and away to the Green Room I went. It was at that moment, when I was surrounded by my fellow classmates, cheering in uproarious applause, happy with my accomplishment, that the realization sank in. I did it. I got on stage and made people laugh. It wasn’t a reaction that I was accustomed to. If anything, the previous six classes I attended before the graduation showed me that I wasn’t funny at all. So it was quite a rush to garner this unexpected and pleasant reaction that I was trying to attain the previous 6 weeks.

I was imbued with a ridiculous amount of glee. In this euphoric zombie-like state, I gathered my belongings and shuffled out of the stage area and headed to the audience. I gave a quick greeting to my supporters in the crowd (my wife, my brother, his girlfriend and 3 old high school buddies) and went to sit with my teacher, Cory Kahaney to support the rest of my classmates. I was in disbelief that the deed was done. When the show ended I spent some time with my supporters, graciously thanked them and then went back in for the second show to support the rest of my classmates. Before I knew it, the night was over and I was waking up for another day of work.

A few days have gone by since that momentous event. It still hasn’t fully sunk in. I think I finally found something I want to pursue. I really enjoyed that night and I’m craving more. I’ve rekindled my love for going to comedy shows the past few months and now I’ve sparked a calling to actually do it as well. I will be taking another class soon to get a better understanding of the craft and of course I’ll get some reading material and definitely continue watching stand-up. I feel a close connection and kinship to the comedy scene and for once, my future doesn’t seem too unclear or without any purpose other than to just live in the moment.

A quick plug for Doug Stanhope

So last night was quite a night for me and I’ll get into it in a later blog post but I first want to promote the hell out an upcoming comedy show.  Thanks to comedian, Ray Devito, I recently got into comedian Doug Stanhope.  And within a month of listening and enjoying Doug’s albums, “Something To Take the Edge Off” and “Sicko” I came to find out with glee that he’s going to be performing in New York City at Comix Comedy Club in the first week of November.

Earlier this week, after seeing a great comedy show that commemorated Punchline Magazine’s 4 year anniversary, I was told that there was also a discount code people could use to get a great discount on a great show.  I figured the best way to promote this discount would be to put a page on my blog and here’s the link for it. Doug Stanhope is a great nitty gritty comic and I encourage anyone and everyone to take advantage of this promotion code to save some money as well as just enjoy a great show.