Month: May 2012

Get Your Steve Jobs Fix With Free Interviews on iTunes

Say what you will about Steve Jobs, love him or hate him, vilify or idolize him, the man has changed a great many things in our technological consumer world. He’s affected the music industry, the movie industry, the mobile industry and of course the PC industry in some form or fashion. His influence can’t help but be seen all around you.

For those of you who love everything Steve Jobs: have read his biography, saw the PBS special “One Last Thing”, is awaiting his two biopics and still haven’t had enough of a Jobs fix, there is some news for you. All Things D, has made all of Steve Jobs interviews from their D conferences available for free on iTunes in video and audio (including the famous co-interview with Bill Gates). They also talk retrospectively about Steve Jobs at the current D 10 conference. Video clips and articles of the events can be found at their website.