Month: June 2011

Meet Little Napoleon! (via You’ve Been Hooked!)

Another great story by The Hook 🙂

Meet Little Napoleon! After more than decade in the hospitality industry, you could produce belts from my skin. I've accepted my fate: to forever answer to an endless stream of douchebags. Adult douchebags, that is. Kids are another story entirely. I was recently greeted at a room by a strong, powerful individual who knew exactly what he wanted from his bellman – total subservience. A seemingly endless list of commands rolled from his tongue as his mother just smiled … Read More

via You've Been Hooked!

Week 13 of Weight Training: Undeservedly Lost A Pound

I’m not sure if it began this past Tuesday, when I couldn’t resist my craving for chocolate and bought a chocolate chip cake from Entenmann’s or on Wednesday, when in a starved state I completely engorged on pizza. At some point this past week, I decided to throw all caution to the wind and revert to my old gluttonous eating ways. Initially, I felt bad for my fall from grace and chided myself mentally but at some point I just didn’t care and was ready to pay the piper.

So this morning I weighed myself and found myself an underserved pound lighter (I’m not 226 lbs). I don’t know what’s worse: being mad at myself for my lack of self-control or guilty for not gaining weight because of my actions. Either way, I hope it’s the wake up call that I needed to get myself back into the spirit of a better lifestyle.

RIP Peter Falk

I was going through various different blogs when I found out through The Comics Comic that Peter Falk had recently died. Peter Falk has and will always be in my memory as Lt. Columbo from that quirky detective series and as the loving Grandfather in “The Princess Bride”. He has brought me endless hours of entertainment and shall be truly missed.

Peter Falk in The Princess Bride Trailer

Peter Falk as Columbo