Star Trek Kesha "Tik Tok" Mashup

The title says it all. Enjoy 🙂

Star Trek Kesha “Tik Tok” Mashup

The title says it all. Enjoy 🙂

Upular by Faggottron

I’m a huge Pixar fan and I just came across this mashup by of “Up” and simply loved it. Enjoy.

Secret Pac-Man Drawings

Wow, so Kotaku, the gaming blog, got their hands (or at least were able to take pictures) of the original plans of Pac-Man which creator Toru Iwatani still carries on his person to game conferences.  It’s pretty amazing to gaze upon the plans that helped create the video game culture that is prevalent today.

Notice how the Japanese characters in red that mean “top secret” are all over the game plans. Really cool stuff!

Mousetrap Never Works

A number of months ago, I posted the video “This Too Shall Pass” by the group OK Go.  Well this past week I found out about a parody of this video thanks to Leo Laporte and Amber MacArthur of the Net@night podcast. Here it is for your visual pleasure.