This makes me relieved that I got off of FeedBurner months ago. I wouldn’t want to deal with this when I have no choice and without being able to warn my subscribers when FeedBurner dies.


As part of its latest round of “spring cleaning,” Google just announced that it is shuttering AdSense for Feeds. The service, which allows publishers to earn a bit of extra revenue by adding Google’s ads to their RSS feeds, will be retired on October 2 and will close on December 3. Given that Feedburner has long been expected to be on one of Google’s next spring cleaning lists, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the company is now shutting down the only way it was actually making money from the product.

RSS, as a mainstream consumer technology, is mostly dead today (though it still provides a lot of the backend plumbing for many web and mobile apps). Google itself is barely investing in Google Reader anymore and, as far as we know, pulled virtually all of the Reader team into other projects a long time ago. Instead, Google…

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Having A Virtual Garage Sale

I finally decided to take the plunge, sign up for and start selling off my stuff. Currently, I just have my old podcast stuff on display but bit by bit I’ll be adding my old DVD and book collection. It’s funny, when I was younger I loved collecting stuff for preservation. But as I’ve gotten older and things can now be viewed or listened to digitally (via Netflix, Amazon and music streaming services) the need to have actual stuff has begun to lose it’s appeal. Not to mention my lease will be up within a year and I’d like to move from Brooklyn to Manhattan. The less stuff I need to lug around the less hassle moving will be. If you want to check out what I still have available for sell by all means check out this link. And as I’ve said, I’ll be adding more stuff from time to time so be a pal and keep checking. Who knows? You may find something to your liking.