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Meet Little Napoleon! (via You’ve Been Hooked!)

Another great story by The Hook 🙂

Meet Little Napoleon! After more than decade in the hospitality industry, you could produce belts from my skin. I've accepted my fate: to forever answer to an endless stream of douchebags. Adult douchebags, that is. Kids are another story entirely. I was recently greeted at a room by a strong, powerful individual who knew exactly what he wanted from his bellman – total subservience. A seemingly endless list of commands rolled from his tongue as his mother just smiled … Read More

via You've Been Hooked!

Give It Up For Greg Giraldo

Recently, Comedy Central aired a tribute for Greg Giraldo called “Give It Up For Greg Giraldo“. Not having cable anymore I wasn’t able to see it. Fortunately, thanks to the blog, The Comic’s Comic, I found out that Comedy Central has clips of this show on their site so I got to at least view a sample of this special.

One of my few regrets in life is not being able to see his stand up live. The closest I got  was seeing him during a live taping of WTF with Marc Maron. He was still funny as hell without any stand-up bits. At least I have his two albums that I can listen to whenever I want to hear his comedy genius.

He was a comedy great and he shall be missed.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Finally coming out of the closet, and announcing my standup debut

So I’ve been keeping the whole comedy class under wraps for the most part. But now that my graduation date is drawing near, I felt it was time I made a page for it and announced it into the internet ether.  So everyone’s invited, if they caught my tweet or facebook status and we’ll see how it fares.  That’s pretty much it for now. Not much else to say.