The Good Wife Is Must See TV

Of the TV genres that I watch, Drama seems to have a real sway over me. In a past blog entry I wrote about how much I was pulled in by the allure of the 60’s setting of Mad Men. Well I already watched the available 4 seasons and with season 5 many months away from airing I have a void in my escapism slot that needs to be filled. Enter “The Good Wife”.

I’ve never seen “ER”. For whatever reason that drama series never quite got my attention. Despite that, I enjoyed the few things that I’ve seen Julianna Margulies in (her appearance in Scrubs and the movie City Island come to mind). So with this, I thought I’d give “The Good Wife” a try. The past promos that I’ve glimpsed when the show first premiered never got my attention. But the new promo that I saw a few weeks ago made me rethink my original assessment of this show.

I usually stray away from shows on CBS. My impression of their programming is that their shows are too formulaic and unoriginal. Just as a for instance, they are still the only network that has laugh-tracks in all of their sitcoms (I’ve long since grown out of love for the laugh-track sitcom medium). With this initial prejudice I somehow decided to give this show a chance and after the pilot and subsequent episodes became emotionally invested in all the characters of the show. In less than two weeks I caught up with all the episodes (only 2 episodes of season 3 have aired so far), and eagerly await the next episode.

Not to get into too much detail about the premise (you can read all about it in Wikipedia), the focal point of the show is ‘the good wife’,  Alicia Florrick, who stands by her husband Peter while he goes to prison amidst a sex scandal and trumped-up charges of corruption. While Peter is in jail planning his political comeback, Alicia leaves her role of house wife and re-enters the workforce by starting as a first year associate at Stern, Lockhart & Gardner thanks to her friend and old college love interest, Josh Gardner. The plots twists, sexual tension and drama build from there.

Anyway, this show did more than get my interest and now I must patiently await a new episode to see what more is in store for Alicia Florrick. I whole-heartedly recommend this show to fans of drama and good character development.

Missed A Week Of Blogging

So my regular weekly Weight Training blog updates have stopped being just that. I forgot to post anything last week regarding my weight issues and I guess that pretty much ends that series. To get you guys up to speed on that, I dropped back down 2 pounds in those past two weeks (back down to 223 pounds). Other than my retail job that has me moving more than my past sedentary jobs, I haven’t really done much in regular exercise or moderating what I eat. I’ve been really focusing on my training of my new job and just lost my focus on fitness. Despite that I have lost 2 pounds and I’m grateful for that.

When I did have free time, I used it for more escapism but more on that in another blog entry. I do feel  a little bad that I wasn’t able to keep up with my post-a-week pledge but there have been some weeks where I did more than one post so I guess this isn’t too bad. Oh well. At least you know what I’ve been doing. Just distracted with mundanity. Sometimes that isn’t such a bad thing.

Week 25 of Weight Training: Ready To Start Anew

Not much to really say about this past week. I didn’t really do much of anything to improve my physical state. I was still in the abyss of some self loathing but I’m now over it and when I weighed myself this past Sunday I was down to 225 pounds again (Can’t seem to shake that number lol).

That’s pretty much it. I plan to do better this coming week, though today hasn’t quite started all that promising. I guess the next blog entry will tell the tale.

Week 24 of Weight Training: Another Pound Gained, Another Ounce of Shame

This past week I didn’t have any excuses. Some rain, notwithstanding, I should’ve been able to have made time for exercise. I only exercised once last week. And threw all other caution to the wind.

Because of my lack of effort I went up another pound (Back up to 226 lbs) and I think I pretty much lost the fight in me. I had two free days this week and didn’t bother to try to exercise. I have a morning shift tomorrow so technically I should have plenty of time to begin exercise anew before dinner, or right after, to start getting things right again. But I’m not sure if I care anymore. I know intellectually that I should. I have been making good progress and despite some setbacks I have been doing ok thus far.

I guess I’m just in self-pity mode and for the moment just need a brief respite of self-loathing and solace before I get myself back up and start the process all over.  I almost didn’t even bother writing this blog entry (which is why it took so long to get this posted). But here it is. I guess I haven’t quite given it all up just yet.

Week 23 of Weight Training: Where Do I Begin?

This past week was my first full week at my new retail job at the Vitamin Shoppe. Unlike my last retail experience at the Apple Store, where I am familiar and know about gadgets and technology, I’m in completely new territory discussing vitamins, supplements and other nutritional and workout questions. Because of this, I didn’t exercise this week in order to ensure I would be well-rested for my work week and be in a good situation to absorb as much new information as I could.

It is quite a learning curve for a newbie like me, and being as I didn’t prepare lunch for that week, I also had to eat out all that time. Put those two ingredients together and you get the formula for more weight gain. Fortunately it was only a half pound more from last week. I’m guessing since I’m on my feet all day long that help lessen the blow.

I still have a lot to learn at my new job but I can’t keep using that excuse to forgo exercise. I need to get back on the fitness schedule. Let’s see what next week will bring.