What’s My Perfect Sunday?

One of the blog entry topics from the Daily Post is, “What’s your idea for a perfect Sunday?” For me, I already have the ideal Sunday.  It’s usually the day I reserve to finishing up my chores for the week, and prepare myself mentally for work the next day. It’s how I spend all my Sundays and have been doing so for as long as I can remember.

The only real change to this routine is during the NFL season, where in between my routine I watch NFL games and/or when, through no fault of my own, I’ve been compromised with some family obligation.  Very rarely, I make recreational plans on this day or they are made for me and this completely changes up my whole weekend so I have to adjust. I know it may sound silly but I find those weekends a bit of a pain as I like to relax on Saturdays instead of doing chores. When I have to, I adapt accordingly on those weekends.

So to wrap up, I like to spend my Sundays at home finishing up odds and end and for the most part being left alone.

Lamentations Of A Jet Fan

It was with great heartbreak that I saw the final seconds of the end of the Jet’s season, as Ben Roethlisberger took the final knee to cap a Steelers victory and another trip to the Superbowl. Once again, the Jets where shorthanded in their promise for glory.  Of course it didn’t help to start a comeback with a 24-0 deficit. Nevertheless it was a great and exciting Jets’ season all the same.

Mark Sanchez has improved a great deal from his rookie season and he shows poise when the games are at their most intense. He just needs to have more consistency and that will come with time, practice and determination.  He definitely seems to have aspirations for greatness so I’m looking forward to the future.

And things will only get harder next season as the Patriots start their second phase of their “rebuilding”.  They don’t have a bad start with 8 picks in the first rounds of the Draft. Not to mention that now all their inexperienced players from this season  have a whole year to grow from. The Jets on the other hand have to deal with an off-season of debates on who to re-sign, who to let go, etc. Needless to say things could possibly be bleak next season. This season was definitely their best chance of getting a Super Bowl ring.

But enough of what could have been. I want to take a few sentences to remember all the excitement and thrills this season has been. Almost every game was a rollercoaster. They’re wins didn’t come easy. Not even with sub .500 teams. Every week you weren’t sure what Jets team would show up. The most consistent aspects of the Jets this year was their defense and special teams. Because of this most games, especially the last few regular season games and postseason games, would go to the wire. I had many moments of elation, screaming hysterically at the TV and heartbreak.

The AFC 2011 Championship was the biggest heartbreak for a Jet fan this year. But man, what a hell of a ride it was.

On Suicide

I was listening to back episodes of “This American Life” and I came across a story of somebody trying to commit suicide. This story got me thinking. Never in my darkest moments did I ever want to kill myself. The closest I came to that notion was wishing that there was a magic reset button so I could start my life over with a clean slate.

This made me look into myself a little more to find out why. The person in that episode felt utterly miserable and saw no reason to continue living a sad existence. Being an atheist I know there is no afterlife. I also have no impulse to procreate and continue the legacy of my DNA. I have no real ambition for greatness nor am I living a life of glamor. Yet despite these factors I don’t see suicide as a viable option. My life is pretty devoid of any meaning or grand vision. Yet I want to continue experiencing my mundane existence for as long as I can.

There is so much TV to watch, so many books to read, so many podcasts, audiobooks and music to listen to, so much comedy to experience and so many precious moments with my wife to foresee. I value the ordinary dullness of my life despite its lackluster. I have bad days like anyone else but eventually they go away.

It’s not even leaving those behind that might guilt me into staying alive. I just don’t want to miss any of my existence. Which isn’t to say that I want immortality or that long a life. I can’t imagine living past my 80’s with all the ailments that entails. I’ve embraced my mortality and don’t fear it. And I don’t think I’ll leave this earth with any real regrets. But I also don’t feel inclined to shorten my existence. It’ll come when it comes.

Is It Always Better To Know The Truth?

One of the topics of the week from the “Daily Post” at WordPress.com is, “Is it always better to know the truth, even when it hurts? Or is ignorance bliss? Or are they both true some of the time? Bonus twist: how does your opinion on truth jive with your opinion of wikileaks?

For me, the truth is always better to know, no matter how disheartening it may be (like, the truth that all political systems are rigged and corrupt). My inquisitive nature won’t stand for anything else as I’ll keep probing and questioning something till I get to the heart of the matter.

There are days when I wish I was ignorant so that I don’t feel so despaired by the shenanigans that goes on around the world. But at the end of the day I can’t help myself and look at what’s going on anyway.

So again, in my opinion, the truth is a necessity for existence and to make correct decisions in your life. Otherwise you may err because of lack of information. As for the bonus question regarding wikileaks, well obviously based on what I have already said, I’m all for it.

Thoughts On Hope For 2011

One of the post-a-day/post-a-week topics was on hope. I decided to give this topic some thought and here is what came out of it. For 2011, my hopes are small but salient to me.

The first and most present is my hope for the NY Jets to win the Superbowl this year.  They are now two games away and things are looking up as they just defeated their biggest obstacle and rival, the New England Patriots. The Steelers, though not pushovers, should be less challenging to defeat especially with Troy Polomalu still not 100%.

My next hope and one that could be very life changing is to find a job closer to home.  Currently, I still work in CT and because of this my commutes are long and my nights for sleep are short. Sleeping 4.5 hours a night for the last year or so has drastically affected my health and my mind isn’t as sharp as it used to be. This is also affecting my willingness to do anything recreational besides staying home and watching TV. By working closer to home I can have a normal sleep schedule again. This will give me the energy to exercise, which will make me livelier and want to do stuff again.

The last hope that I have is probably to write more. I’ve taken steps to doing this by getting on the post-a-week bandwagon as mentioned in my last post. I’m also using this free App, called OmmWriter which is supposed to motivate me to write with a nice serene background, meditative music and nothing else to distract me (unless of course I tab to other windows, but that defeats the purpose). So far so good.  I used Ommwriter to type up this entry at least. We’ll see what happens next week.