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Week 15 of Weight Training: Up 2 Pounds But Undaunted

This time around I behaved, ate what I was supposed to and even exercised for a change. But alas, this time on the scale sees me 2 pounds heavier. Either my bad eating from weeks before caught up with me or once again, because I started working out I’m gaining muscle mass. It could also be a bit of both.

Regardless, I don’t feel bad about this turn of events. I feel lighter than I have in some time. I definitely feel more energetic and all my clothes are much looser than they have been in some time. These things make me know that I’m going in the right direction and I just need to continue with the exercising and the good eating. I’m sure next week I’ll once again lose those 2 pounds and possibly even more.

Week 14 of Weight Training: Down To 223.5 Pounds

This week I got my act back together. I ate moderately. Cut down on the junk and was a more active than usual. Regular exercise has still been eluding me (Hope to nip that issue in the bud this coming week), but all in all I’ve been good. Getting my act back together has helped me lose another 2.5 lbs for week 14.

My previous weeks indiscretions haven’t come back to get me but despite that little reprieve I still need to do more. I want to do more. I feel more energetic and it’s about time I focus this energy into more fitness. That’s the plan for Week 15. We shall see if this idea becomes a reality.

Week 13 of Weight Training: Undeservedly Lost A Pound

I’m not sure if it began this past Tuesday, when I couldn’t resist my craving for chocolate and bought a chocolate chip cake from Entenmann’s or on Wednesday, when in a starved state I completely engorged on pizza. At some point this past week, I decided to throw all caution to the wind and revert to my old gluttonous eating ways. Initially, I felt bad for my fall from grace and chided myself mentally but at some point I just didn’t care and was ready to pay the piper.

So this morning I weighed myself and found myself an underserved pound lighter (I’m not 226 lbs). I don’t know what’s worse: being mad at myself for my lack of self-control or guilty for not gaining weight because of my actions. Either way, I hope it’s the wake up call that I needed to get myself back into the spirit of a better lifestyle.