Has “Up And Over It” Gone Viral Yet?

Not sure how late I am to this sensation, but the missus and I were watching television (well she was. I was going through my Google Reader as usual), when they had a news segment that was talking about the dance duo “Up and Over It” and showed the clip of the following video:

Obviously this is a cool video and as I’m writing this it has 7 million+ views so I’m sure this has gone viral and I’m just late to the party as usual. As I was reflecting on this video I thought I had seen something familiar and after surfing YouTube I knew what I was thinking about:

They had their own commercial. So yes, “Up and Over” It had gone viral. You know something has gone viral when you’re able to cash in on your  meme. Anyways, I’m happy for them and I still find this video entertaining.


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