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A Message To Current FeedBurner Subscribers

Since the inception of this blog I have been using FeedBurner as the main aggregator for my RSS Feed. It was user-friendly. I got to feed the stat hungry side of my brain by seeing who was reading my blog and from where and how many were subscribed to it, etc. Also the great thing about FeedBurner was that if I ever decided to move my blog somewhere else, with FeedBurner, I wouldn’t have to hassle my subscribers with re-subscribing (I would simply do all the work on the back-end and no one would be the wiser).

Well with the recent updates to Word Press stats and subscription options, my need to simplify my digital footprint and my increasingly infrequent visits to FeedBurner, the one-stop shopping option of having everything done on the WordPress side of things has become more appealing. Consequently, I’ve wiped all traces of FeedBurner from my site and will be deleting the FeedBurner RSS feed within the next weeks or so. Unfortunately, the thing that I’ve been helping subscribers avoid is no longer feasible and anyone who has subscribed to this blog via FeedBurner will have to re-subscribe via the options listed above on the right-sidebar (the RSS Feed will now be http://juliofromny.com/feed/). If you’re already subscribed to this blog via the WordPress options then you’re ahead of the game and have to nothing else except wait for the next blog entry hit your inbox, rss reader, etc.

I do apologize for this inconvenience and I will make an effort not to encumber you readers any further. Please use the new subscription options and I’ll try to write more often.

The NoF Ezine Is Up And Running

As I mentioned in an update of an earlier post, the NoF Ezine turned blog now has their blog up and running. The name of the blog is “NoF Geek And Gamer Pants Party” and is of course hosted on wordpress.com. The head of the new blog asked me for some aid and I gladly helped organize the layout and design of the site. With wordpress.com it’s all a matter of picking a theme you like and organizing some widgets to your liking but I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.


I also have a TV review of “Fairly Legalposted there so by all means check out the site if just to read my article 🙂