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The NoF Ezine Is Up And Running

As I mentioned in an update of an earlier post, the NoF Ezine turned blog now has their blog up and running. The name of the blog is “NoF Geek And Gamer Pants Party” and is of course hosted on wordpress.com. The head of the new blog asked me for some aid and I gladly helped organize the layout and design of the site. With wordpress.com it’s all a matter of picking a theme you like and organizing some widgets to your liking but I’m pretty pleased with how it came out.


I also have a TV review of “Fairly Legalposted there so by all means check out the site if just to read my article 🙂

The Julio From NY Show Episode 51

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Show Notes for Episode 51: What to do?
Past New Year’s Resolution
-New Year’s festivities leading up to 2010, also trying to get episode 50 up in a timely fashion
-Resolutions for 2010

Expectations for 2010:
-Finding that elusive 2nd/part-time job
-Possibly converting to WordPress Codex for website design
-Fall Internship
-What does the future hold for this podcast?

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Redesigned the old website

Anyone who has checked out the site the past few days will have noticed that there has been constant tinkering going on. I created my original homepage with the Mac product, iWeb. Since getting my new computer, I realized that I’ve lost an essential iWeb file that prevented me from making updates to the site unless I started from scratch. From this little disaster, a simple idea began to manifest. Continue reading “Redesigned the old website”