The Julio From NY Show Episode 30: Congratulations Claudia!!!

Show Notes for Episode 30: Congratulations Claudia!!!
-Can’t get enough of my new iPhone
-Claudia got accepted into Pratt Institute
-Did some more edits to the site and now we have a donation page!!!
-Looking forward to upcoming events
-Things Julio Finds Interesting
-Podcast Recommendation: This Week In Tech (TWIT)
-Wrap Up

Things Julio Finds Interesting:
iPhone App Store

iTalk Recorder
Google Mobile App
iTrans NYC Subway

Melodis voice Dialer

Track List:
-Bontemps Roulez by Brother Joscephus and the Love Revival Revolution Orchestra
-Can’t Help Myself by Brother Joscephus and the Love Revival Revolution Orchestra

-Monster by El Prezidino
-Athletes and Frat Boys Ft. Daade by El Prezidino
-Letting You Go by Officer Roseland
-Cracked Harmonies by Officer Roseland
-I Dreamt I Was a Rockstar by Tonye Christopher
-Love Actually by Tonye Christopher

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Man/Woman is truly the measure of all things

As I listened to the latest episode of TWIT I couldn’t help but be amazed by Leo’s telling of Roz Savage’s quest to row across the Pacific Ocean. I mean, here I am meandering in self-pity, complaining about bills and being out of shape and yet there’s an amazing woman right now somewhere in the Pacific, 3 days in her journey, just rowing away and undaunted by how incredible this feat is. It really puts things into perspective.

Funny enough, around the same time my wife also discovered a Frenchman named Xavier Rosset who is trying to live on his own in an uninhabited island for 300 Days. His website is in French so it is a little hard for me to fully understand what is written there; fortunately, another blogger, Cheyenne Morrison, wrote about Xavier and I was able to read about his experiment in full.

These two tales definitely emphasize the old saying, “Where there’s a will there’s a way.”