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Bringing Back My Original Podcast

As some of you may already know, I put The Mundane Chatter podcast on ice for an undetermined amount of time. What you probably aren’t aware of is that I also decided to bring back my original podcast, The Julio From NY Show. Though I can’t find anyone to record a show with for MCP I still have the urge to at least record my musings and ramblings. For this reason, I felt it was high time to bring back the old show.

For the moment, I’ll just be reposting the old episodes. Once I’m done with that, new recordings will be going up. Here’s hoping I’ll be doing this show for the long haul this time around.

Did A Cameo On Another Podcast

As you probably know by now I have my two other podcasts up and running again.  My old show “The Julio From NY Show” which is an audio-diary and my new show “The Mundane Chatter Podcast” which is where Claudia and I jibber jabber on just about anything. Well if that isn’t enough audio exposure for you I make a cameo on a recent episode of Keith McNally’s “XO Podcast” where he compares and contrasts our viewpoints on New York City.  Listen and enjoy.