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The Julio From NY Show Episode 41: Reaching The Threshold

Show Notes for Episode 41: Reaching The Threshold
Artists and things mentioned in this episode (in no particular order):
Ray Devito
Dan Allen
Dmitri Martin
Ben Lerman
Louis C.K.
Myq Kaplan
Ted Alexandro
Mo Rocca
West Side Story

Track List:
-Mashup: Neither Being Nor Nothingness by Extra Happy Ghost!!!
West Side Story: America
West Side Story: Something’s Coming
West Side Story: Tonight (Ensemble)
-Bia Bia Benshin (Come Sit By Me) by Monika Jalili
-Where I Belong by Shalone

“Flashbacks (feat. Brother Ali)” (mp3)
from “Liberation”
(Clocktower Collective)

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