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New Year’s Resolution: Take 2

A new year is here and it’s time to once again reflect on the past year and see how close or far we’ve gotten with our resolutions of yesteryear.  For my part, I came pretty close to following all of mine.  The one resolution that I faltered on was being more health conscious.  In my podcast and on this blog, I have tried to learn and pass on information that correlates with the political-societal-economical paradigms that define the world around us.  Or at least a fraction of it as there are many points of view and I only have one of many of them.

Of course mental stimulation, when it comes to academic thought, is the least hard thing for me to do as I am a constant scholar on the studies of life.  I wholeheartedly enjoy learning new things on just about any topic.  It’s the nitty gritty hard-labor of the body that I am deeply flawed in.  Because of this, I am once again putting health consciousness and fitness on my resolution agenda for 2009 and limiting it to just that.  I will of course continue learning new things as I love to seek out knowledge and to continue to mentally grow as a person.  But now is the time for me to really take physical fitness seriously.

At the age of 31, I’m not getting any younger, and of course I’m only going to be more susceptible to aches and illnesses if I continue on with my bad eating habits at my age.  Plus it just makes sense that if you live a more sedentary life, your body won’t be as agile or flexible as it used to be when you were younger and more physically active.  So here’s to being more healthy for 2009.  I’ll let you know how that goes come 2010.

I guess the Romans were on to something

Whenever I hear people talk about reality-tv shows, I immediately get a knee-jerk reaction to roll my eyes and shake my head.  My disdain for such shows that I feel are slowly eating away the mental activity of peoples brains has taken an almost visceral level.  I pretty much feel the same way about day-time soap operas, or their Spanish equivalent, novelas.  And lets not get started on talk shows.  Then while I was listening to an episode of “Armchair Kidnation” with Michael Carrino where he was criticizing how some people take sports to seriously I had to take a pause and reflect on my own idiosyncrasies.

I realized that I had my own faux-pas that might cause others the same knee-jerk reaction, such as, my love of NFL Football or sci-fi, fantasy or even podcasts.  The fact of the matter is, we all do the same thing.  We all use something to distract ourselves from our real lives, albeit, for a short period of time.   Most of us, especially now, are going through rough times and not everyone or anyone is ever happy all the time.  Which is why we have entertainment.  Entertainment, no matter what it is, helps to spark the endorphins in our body which causes us these little spurts of joy and give us a push to keep chugging along.

In fact the Romans, specifically the poet Juvenal, had a metaphor that equated this in some sense: “panem et circenses” which roughly translates to bread and circuses.  In this metaphor, as per wikipedia,  Juvenal was accusing, “people choosing food and fun over freedom” and “of giving up their civic duty and following whichever political leader offers to satisfy their decadent desires”  In those days, it was forum games (i.e. gladiator matches, re-enactment of ship battles, etc)  and bread to sate the hunger of the poor.  These days the entertainment for distractions are in abundance, from sports, to tv shows, to the Internet, to video games, etc.

It’s definitely a good way to keep the populace from realizing their plight and maybe protesting it.  Causing the accumulation of consumer debt is another way.  You can’t really spend time to unite rallies and/or speak out when you’re too busy working a low-paying job to pay your debts and make ends meet.  Speaking of which, I better get back to balancing my budget and see what few scrapings I’ll have for the rest of the week.  I hope my Tivo has some good recordings to help me pass the time.