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The Compulsion To Blog Again Is Upon Me

It has been some time since I last blogged. A lot of that had to do with my engrossment of social media. I would check FaceBook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc on a daily basis. Without realizing I would spend a few hours idling by looking at people’s “best versions” of their lives and compare it to bland mundane version of myself.

Also, I would realize that it was time wasted, that I could have done something more productive, or, at the very least, more entertaining. That would fuel my self-loathing and despondency and I would escape further into my shell and just consume more media and blog nothing.

Sometime in March of 2018, I decided to podcast again. I was feeling the urge to output something and recording my stream of conscious ramblings for 10-15 minutes a week seem to be the least I could do. Writing involves more time and thought and I just wasn’t ready to do that if I could get the same point across in a short quick rambling and then post it online, to the ether.

Since March, I’ve been pretty consistent with my weekly recordings and am now feeling the urge to blog again. The thought here is that maybe some thoughts that I rambled on could be better fleshed out in text form, especially since I can look at it, edit it, proofread it, etc.,

So this here is my new blog entry in more than a year. Hopefully I can keep this momentum going and see what may come of this.

Steps to Simplify My Social Media Was Only More Work

I kept hearing high praise for social networking tools like TweetDeck and Seesmic and decided to try them out for myself. I have used TweetDeck in the past but I’ve always found it glitchy and it lagged a lot. Fortunately they now have a Chrome plugin which is much more seamless. Seesmic also has a web app and one for the iPhone so I experimented with them both.

The cool thing I’ve always liked about TweetDeck is its column feature. Especially now that Twitter allows you to break down who you follow by Lists I can sort them by spreading the columns across my Chrome browser and skim them all at once. My only complaint against Tweetdeck is that the background is black and I can only look at a black background for so long before my eyes start to tear up and I see spots. This one gripe made me decide to download the desktop app again and see if this would fix that problem. Well the desktop app is still a bit slow as before so that isn’t an option for me. Also, unlike the Chrome plugin, I can’t make a column out of my Facebook notifications in the TweetDeck App. I also found the constant pop-up notification windows more than a bit annoying.

This brings me to Seesmic. Along with the TweetDeck plugin I was pretty pleased with the Web version. I find Seesmic to be a good replacement for Ping.fm as I can write one status directly to my Twitter and Facebook profiles without any complications. Sometimes Ping.fm would fail to deliver my posts. The Seesmic desktop app takes even longer to load up than TweetDeck and it also has that annoying pop-up window notification feature that I’m not a fan of. Unlike Tweetdeck, I can’t open up a columns for my Facebook notifications but the white background is definitely easier on my eyes.

So what it boils down for me is this, I’ll continue going directly to Twitter and Facebook for most of my Twitter and Facebook needs. To write a quick post to the both of them I’ll use Seesmic. For a quick skim of what’s going between all my Twitter lists, I’ll use Seesmic on my phone or juggle between Tweetdeck and Seesmic on my Chrome browser (depending on how long or short I intend to spend time skimming all that social media information).