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Back On The Android Bandwagon With My New HTC One X

I know I know. I said I wasn’t going to go back to Android anytime soon. And yet, here we are and here I am.

I felt that all the stars were aligned for me to make the jump back to Android. Between the HTC and Samsung models there are very few differences that make one more compelling than the other; except, for a few intangibles thanks to my phone carrier that made my choice much easier.

Both devices are just 16GB models on AT&T (though the Samsung phone does have an expansion slot). For me, that leveled the playing field. What gave the HTC the edge was that it still has the free Dropbox storage promotion attached (25GB with HTC, 50GB with Samsung with qualifying carriers) and of course, it just has a better overall design. Lastly, it was only $119 on Amazon Wireless (about $135+ with tax).

So here I am with my new phone typing out this blog entry with the new SwiftKey 3 keyboard and I’m loving it. Already put my iPhone back on Gazelle (it actually went up in value from the last time I got a quote), and I don’t believe I’ll be looking back.

Giving My iPhone A Makeover With Mahogany Wood Skin

For many months I was debating about replacing the back of my iPhone with a bamboo back from JackBacks but the price range and the risk of messing up my phone kept me on the fence. I was then debating between bamboo cases from Grove and Fun Panda but they seemed too bulky and like they wouldn’t really protect my phone as good as a regular plastic with silicon/rubber would. I finally decided to look at some skins to complement an Apple bumper and I happen to come across SlickWraps.

I noticed their wood series and loved the look of the Mahogany skin. I was sold when I read that it was real wood veneer and not just a sticker drawn/painted to look like wood.  Within a week I got my new wrap and immediately installed it. I’m pretty pleased with the results what do you think?

I like how it gives my phone a retro 70’s wood-panelling/steam-punk look and feel. Anyway, if you’re compelled to get a similar skin like this by all means check out SlickWraps. Giving my phone a new look has definitely sated my I-need-a-new-phone-itch (for the remainder of my contract at least).

What Technology Can’t I Live Without

In this day and age, I can’t imagine a world without computers or smartphones. It seems the more I upgrade the technology I use, the harder it is for me to go back to the way things were. Using broadband internet instead of dial-up for example. As soon as I experienced the speed of a Cable modem, I was willing to cough up the $50 a month to maintain it. Also, once I experienced the convenience of a wireless router, I immediately got rid of most of my ethernet cables.

But above all, I use my computer and smartphone for just about everything I do, everyday of my life. I use emails for correspondence instead of pen and paper. I read websites and use rss readers instead of looking at newspapers or magazines. I get most of my shopping needs or music from Amazon.com or Soap.com instead of going to actual brick and mortar stores. My smartphone helps to facilitate all of this when I’m on the go.

It would be quite a shock if all of a sudden computers and smartphones ceased to exist and it would take some time to adapt to lesser technological methods. Thankfully, such a scenario is close to impossible and I will continue to have access to my computer and smartphone, until some more advance form of technology comes about to replace them.