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The Julio From NY Show Episode 26: The Betty Obsession

The Julio From NY Show Episode 26: The Betty Obsession
-Yup Mixer is still in the shop
-Claudia is currently watching 3 versions of Betty; hence the reason for our segment
-We got a plug from Crimewav.com
-Quick shout-out to The Litterbox Podcast
Microsoft’s lame attempt to catch up to Apple with app store and new mobile OS
Microsoft gets sued over Windows XP downgrade fees
Salma Hayek gets married on Valentines Day in Paris
New Jackie Chan Movie too violent for non-ratings China Public
Madoff doll for Sale for stress relief
Al Franken: Call Me Senator-Elect
-NY Global Girl Segment
-Podcast Recommendation: CrimeWav

NY Global Girl Segment: Everything Claudia Loves about Betty
Betty La Fea: It’s back on Telefutura
Ugly Betty: The US Version
I Love Betty La Fea: The Philippine Version
China’s Ugly Betty ‘not Ugly enough’
Video News Story about China’s Ugly Betty
A good link for everything Betty

Track List:
-The Movemeant by The Tones
-Love or Confusion by Outasight
-Good Evening (Dream Big) by Outasight
-Bad Dreams by Lyrics Born
-Mastermind by Del The Funky Homosapien

Songs Provided by IODA Promonet:

DreamtalkThe Tones
“The Movemeant” (mp3)
from “Dreamtalk”
(PLUG Label)

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Later That Day...Lyrics Born
“Bad Dreams” (mp3)
from “Later That Day…”
(Quannum Projects)

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Deltron 3030Del The Funky Homosapien, Dan the Automator
“Mastermind” (mp3)
from “Deltron 3030”
(Deltron Projects)

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Episode 8 is up and running!!!

After doing the most editing that Claudia and I’ve done in any of our episodes we finally uploaded episode 8 for all to enjoy.  Basic theme on this show was the Web 2.0 and Pod-casting community.  Enjoy!!!

Clck here to go to show notes and to download the episode

What a difference a story-intro recording makes

I have been thinking about making a podcast for almost two years but have been very slow on actually getting it done. Well after Seth asked me to record the “Story So Far” and I had to run to a my wife’s friend’s house to actually do it, I finally made the plunge and bought the gear as well as some books on how to get my very own podcast on the interwebs.

I already have a pretty good idea of what I’m going to do and soon I’ll actually be doing it. I’m pretty excited and hope my fellow readers (that would be all two of you LOL), will join me on my little audio adventure. Stay tuned…