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Rekindling My Love Of Reading

My wonderful Kindle 2

I haven’t been reading in some time and just got the bug to get back into the habit. I’ve owned my Kindle for a little over a year and I have to sadly say that I’ve probably read no more than 10 books in that time (less than a book a year, so sad). Being an avid fan of fiction that is completely unacceptable and I’m glad I’m rectifying this faux pas.

So anyway, I’m reading the GFL series by Scott Sigler (a great series, I highly recommend it and you can click here to find out why), and I’m loving the story but for some reason, I can’t get comfortable. I keep feeling a bit encumbered by my case, the M-Edge Prodigy Leather Jacket. It’s a great case when I’m bringing my Kindle on the go, but for some reason it’s a little annoying especially when I’m trying to read while lying down in bed. So I do something I’ve never done since I got both the Kindle and my case. I take the Kindle out of the case and read it, au naturale.

I remember reading reviews of the Kindle 2 when it came out and all the raves of how light and great it feels in your hands. How much fun it is to read books from it but I never ever quite understood what they meant. Sure I enjoy reading books from the Kindle vs. an LED screen but I didn’t understand the raves about how great it felt in your hands. That is, until today.

The Kindle 2 does live up to the hype. It really is fun to hold. It is so much lighter without the added weight and girth of my case. It almost feels like a holding a paperback, except you never have to worry about losing your place if you take your hands off of it for a second. I also got a new appreciation for the design of my year-old device. Amazon really made a nice single-purpose gadget.

I was feeling guilty about buying the Kindle and just letting it lie in my shelf, collecting dust for most of its ownership. But now, with my new found interest in it, I intend to burn through some more e-books. Which is good, as I have been steadily adding to my collection and it’s about time I try to bring it down a notch.

Episode 21 is up and running

In this episode the missus and I have some heated discussions about the War On Drugs, Barack Obama and whether or not his presidency will be more of the same or if it will actually be worthwhile change.  If this has piqued your interest, by all means, give it a listen.

Click on this link to go to the show notes and download the episode

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