Sam Seder’s Point Of View on Guantanamo Justice


Regarding that promise to do an entry at year’s end…

Hey all,

I remember in a previous post I had made a promise to do an entry regarding all the weird and ironical things that had transpired over this past year; however, I’ve decided to talk about this topic in my podcast with my wife. So look forward to this discussion in upcoming episode 50 of my little podcast.

So I Was Going To Do A Rather Moving Post…

After hearing about President Barack Obama winning the Nobel Peace Prize, I was motivated to write a blog entry discussing the irony of such an event.  Upon further retrospection, I realized that this past year has been full of ironic events and I went on making a list tallying them down.  I was rather enthused about making this blog entry but my podcast episode took longer to post than I anticipated.  Because of this and also the fact that the year isn’t quite over, I decided to stall that blog entry for a later date.  In the meantime, enjoy these YouTube clips about D Rep. Alan Grayson’s stance on the Republicans stalling tactics and Keith Olbermann’s moving op-ed piece on Healthcare: