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The Julio From NY Show Episode 27

Show Notes For Episode 27: The Mixer Is Back
-Mixer is Back
-This show is completely unedited (well almost. Can’t be too unprofessional)
-Got “Tales Of The Red Panda” by Gregg Taylor of Decoder Ring Theatre Fame
-Gushing over more geeky goodness
-Changing eating habits
-Got The Ultimate Tea Diet by Dr. Tea
-News Stories I found Interesting
-Podcast Recommendation: The Max Quick Series by Mark Jeffrey
-Also Check out I Have A Ham Radio 57
-Wrap up

News Stories I found Interesting:
The University Of The People
MI Man Pleads no contest to vacuum sex act
$7,000 found in Cheetos
Man Says Veteran Status Should Let Him Steal Candy
Jobless Ex-Con Asks For More Prison Time
Injured Good Samaritan Ticketed For Jaywalking
College Acceptance Letter Are Glitzier but Rejections are Harsher

Track List:
My Life by Provoke
All My Soul by Ques
Positive Negativity by Ques
No Going Home by Jose
Love HipHop by Elohim Marino

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