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An Issue With Skype

This past weekend I decided to try something a little different with my podcast. For some time I’ve wanted to experiment with Skype and I missed having a co-host so I convinced a friend of mine, Greg, to do a show with me. It seemed that everything recorded fine but at post edit I realized that his levels were much lower than I thought. After much tweaking I realized that the recording wasn’t salvageable unless I was willing to post an episode with a cohost who sounded like he was under water.

For whatever reason I just don’t have the proper hardware for this scenario so I decided to look for a software solution. I found two in Audio Hijack Pro and Call Recorder. I’ll be testing these out and hopefully the next time around won’t be an abysmal failure.

So because of this setback, there was no podcast posted this past week and for that I apologize. Hopefully things wil be back to normal by this weekend.

My Podcast Got Added To Stitcher!

For anyone who is a fan of podcasts and wanted the ability to stream their favorite shows like a radio station a la pandora, Stitcher is the website for you. If you have an iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre/Pixi or Android phone, there is also an app to make streaming easier. I had heard of this program a few months ago (right when I first got my iPhone) but they seemed to had a limited amount of shows to choose from.

Then lo and behold, when I checked out Marc Maron’s website recently, I realized that they have been adding more content and that they now had the option for podcasters to request that they add their shows on their directory as well. I immediately emailed them and can now proudly say, The Julio From NY Show is now available on Stitcher as well. Please support them and my show as well by clicking on the Stitcher badge below, signing up and adding my show to your favorites.

Updated my rss feed for my podcast once again

If you’re already subscribed through iTunes then this doesn’t apply to you. However if you use any other podcast aggregator or podcatcher then would you be so kind as to unsubscribe and resubscribe through the new rss feed of:


Apparently feedburner has fixed their rss streams and it won’t affect how many episodes will show on it. That was my initial reason for dropping my feedburner account because I want you, my listeners, to always have access to all the episodes on the podcast feed for whenever you wanted to back catalog or whatever. Feedburner’s assurance that this won’t be an issue anymore and it’s ability to collect data of my subscribership has lured me back into their fold.

Again, this change is really for my own purposes and if you don’t want to, you can just stay with the libsyn rss link but I would appreciate it all the same if you humored me with this quick change. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.