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The Angst Of An Over-Ambitious Podcaster

I usually record my podcast episodes on Monday afternoon and have them up and running that same evening. Of course that leaves the editing with much to be desired when it comes to omitting a lot of background noises that you would like to clean out of a track. Then again, when recording through Skype and all audio feeds are in one track there is so much you can really do.

This time around I had the great fortune of doing an episode with my wife Claudia and we even got to record it on Sunday (a day earlier than usual). With this in-studio opportunity I decided to get a little ambitious. By using a mixer and recording in studio I was able to feed my sound on the left-stereo side while feeding Claudia’s on the right-stereo side. This little trick allows me to split the stereo-track into two mono tracks. Which gives me better access to all the annoying background noise that each respective mic picked up so I can clean it out.

The great thing about this trick is that I can do a more professional editing job. The bad thing is, like a professional job, this trick requires more time, focus and patience. So even though I recorded the show earlier than usual, it ended up getting posted today (three days later than usual). It wasn’t just a regular 3 days of editing. It was endless-up-to-the-wee-hours-of-the-night long.

Regardless of this frustration, I’m pleased with the result. It is the cleanest recording that I’ve posted to date. If I plan on going to the Institute of Audio Research this was definitely a good simulation of what I can expect to do professionally or at least a close proximity. My podcast is definitely a labor of love. It’s a fun hobby that I really enjoy doing and hope to continue it for some time. I do wonder though, if I plan on doing this level of editing on the next episode. I guess time will tell.

In Love With My New Yeti Pro

Since I started podcasting, I’ve been a fan of Blue products. My very first mic was the Blue USB Snowball. It was a nice little mic that had a good recording quality. To make thing easier to record with Claudia we got a mixer and a couple of Blue 8-ball mics. Life with Blue has been fun.

So it was to my utter delight, when Claudia surprised me with my newest addition to my collection, the Yeti Pro. It is very versatile (it can be used as a USB or analog mic) and the sound quality is by far the best I have yet. I redid the opening and closing credits with my new mic and recorded the latest episode with the Yeti Pro as well. Needless to say, I’m impressed by how much better I sound with this mic. I’m looking forward to using this new mic some more.


My glorious Yeti Pro with Blue Pop filter



Interning for Keith and The Girl

This week, I started another phase of keeping myself busy while looking for employment. I began my internship with the “Keith And The Girl” Show. This show is a well-known podcast as I’ve previously stated and one which I’m a big fan of.

Being an amateur podcaster myself I thought this would be a good learning experience for my show as well a delightful distraction from unemployment. It definitely hasn’t disappointed. It’s an internship like any other so I help out with things here and there (shipping out orders, reorganizing, etc) and I was even asked to pop in an episode for a few questions, to my complete surprise.

So things are still going good as expected. The job hunt rages on but my spirits stay raised. And I have a couple of cool projects (things, whatever you want to call them), that I’m happily doing.