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I Look Silly On My Fitness Ball And I Don't Care

Not that long ago, a buddy of mine, Nick, posted an infographic on his Kingdeem blog about the folly of sitting on your keister all day long. Yeah I know, duh! Isn’t it obvious? Well yeah but the majority of us who work in an office setting or are at home now reading this blog are most likely doing exactly that. I’m definitely guilty of spending hours in front of my laptop, reading/writing blogs, checking emails, posting on Twitter and Facebook, watching cat videos or Hulu or Doctor Who (which reminds me I have to watch this week’s episode!), etc. So I’ve decided to do a little something about this issue I have.

Leo Laporte, podcaster extraordinaire of the TWIT network, is known for using fitness balls when doing all of his audio and video shows. In fact he’s known for popping a few of them live on-air. People have asked him why he uses a fitness ball instead of an ergonomic chair and he’ll gladly list all the benefits he sees in using one. He doesn’t believe that he loses a lot of calories sitting on one but because he’s constantly trying to maintain his balance it keeps him alert for his show recordings and he never feels lethargic.

As you know from previous posts, I’m all about staying active wherever I can and have used a fitness ball the past few days once I found it under a pile of books and boxes. It did take some getting used to at first but now it feels kinda fun. My back has never felt better. I was definitely surprised by that because when I’ve tried to maintain my back in a straight position, in the past, I would always feel some strain (which is why it feels easier to go back into that nasty habit of slouching). But not so with a fitness ball. You straighten your back automatically and there isn’t any strain at all. I just found an article that explains this little trick and all the other benefits of using a fitness ball.

I’m definitely looking forward to podcasting on the fitness ball. I want to hear if I sound any differently. I should sound more energetic or alert if anything else.