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Got The Mundane Chatter Podcast Up and Running Again

So with my vast free time I’ve been trying to get my podcast hobby going again and at last I have success. My short-lived podcast, The Mundane Chatter Podcast, has a new lease on life with my old high school buddy, Yomar, doing co-hosting duties. It was a fun session and I look forward to more recordings. Won’t you please give it a listen and give me your thoughts ūüôā

The Reef Knot Changed My Life and It Can Change Yours

Tired of retrying¬†your shoelaces every few hours? Can’t stand double-knotting like a 5 year¬†old? Then you need to learn the REEF KNOT!!! Infomercial¬†intonation side, this simple knot has made tying shoes almost feel like more than just an annoying and necessary chore. I have to thank Jesse Thorn, host of “The Sound of Young America“, for introducing this knot¬†in my life with his new vidcast “Put This On“. ¬† What’s incredible is how easy it is to do. You basically do the Granny knot as you always do (you know the rabbit ears, etc), and instead of looping in a counter-clockwise motion you do it the opposite of what you normally would do it. If that sounds a bit complicated here’s a video to break it down for you:¬†

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So learn the technique and spread the info. We need to send the Granny knot into obsolescence.