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Clinton campaign is grasping for straws to slow down Obama’s momentum

After losing 8 primaries/caucuses in a row to Barack Obama, Clinton’s campaign is trying anything they can to slow down his momentum. They’re intensifying their fabrications of facts and financing more smear ads on television in hopes that voters will listen to their propaganda and lose the fire and inspiration that Obama has sparked in them. Today she has gone to a new low by trying to attack Obama’s strength, his words and speeches. Clinton’s campaign is accusing Obama of plagiarising his speech on Saturday night to a Wisconsin crowd by borrowing from a fellow supporter, and current governor of Massachusetts, Deval Patrick.

What Obama actually did was use the same famous sayings from former presidents, that Deval Patrick used in his own speech 2 years ago and made the same argument that powerful speeches aren’t just words. Not only that, but Deval Patrick had suggested Obama use these quotes and David Axelrod, who is currently running Obama’s campaign, ran Patrick’s campaign two years ago; therefore, Axelrod might’ve been the original influence behind the original use of these famous quotes. So the question is, when is plagiarism really plagiarism? I doubt using the same quotes that everyone knows and grasping the same universal meaning behind them counts.

Besides, Hillary Clinton is not only guilty of “stealing” speeches from her own husband but she also has taken slogans right out of Obama’s camp. Just another example of Clinton following the same old “Do as I say, not as I do” politics. She should really stop trying to point fingers of possible missteps that Obama may or may not have committed when she is guilty of the same transgressions.

Obama’s “plagiarism”:

One of Obama’s repeating slogans and Clinton’s plagiarism of it:

Everyone knows Obama’s “Yes We Can” slogan, well guess what:

Hillary Clinton really needs to look in the mirror.