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Don’t Miss “Shoot The Shite” This Saturday, 10pm EST -5 UTC/GMT

Once again, “Shoot The Shite” will be at Creek And Cave this Saturday night at 10pm (delays notwithstanding). The hosts of this monthly comedy show as always are Ray Devito, Ben Kronberg and Nick Cobb. The lineup this month features:

Micheal Somerville (Host of ‘Wingman’ Comedy Central, VH1)
Liam McEneaney (VH1, Comedy Central, ‘Tell Your Friends’ Movie)
Pat Dixon (Comedy Central Presents: Pat Dixon)
Tim Dimond (Pittsburgh Comedy Festival)
Amy Albert (Deliah Dix & Her Bag of Tricks)
Jay Welch (Arms & Hearts Show)

It’s always a fun show to see and I implore you to check it out. For those that think they can’t be there, that’s no longer an excuse. Once again, I’ll be on stage broadcasting the show via our Ustream page. So please watch, laugh and enjoy.

The Julio From NY Show Episode 56: Short Hiatus AKA Who Needs Editing

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Show Notes for Julio From NY Episode 56: Short Hiatus AKA Who Needs Editing
-Feeling Reborn thanks to Jesse Thorn’s “Jesse, Jordan GO” and Steve Agee’s “Uhh” podcasts
-Don’t have the vocal chops of podcasters, Bill Burr, Jimmy Dore, or Keith Malley
-Saw the movie Avatar and was pleasantly surprised
Kevin Smith Debacle with SWA
Sophia Stewart/Matrix hoax
-North Korean story of Google Buzz infiltration
-Tried out for Keith Malley’s standup and failed miserably
-Keith McNally’s XO 10: Craftsmanship

Background Music:
Love you by The Free Design
Rejected by The Flight of The Conchords
Friends by The Flight of The Conchords
Curl by Johnathan Coulton
I Feel Fantastic by Jonathan Coulton
Nothing But The Amish by Ben Lerman
Chubby Chaser by Ben Lerman
Unoriginal by Rob Paravonian
Pushing Band Candy by Rob Paravonian

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The blast I had last night that almost didn’t happen

Since I moved down to Brooklyn, ¡Sacapuntas! became a monthly congregation of comedy that I would trek to. Every month, for around $5.00, I would get to see a stellar cast of comedians, have the time of my life and then possibly mingle with them at the nearby bar, Slainte, after the show. It was a wonderful routine that I looked forward to with fondness and anticipation. However this month looked like it would be without my monthly indulgence due to lack of funds.
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