Lamentations Of A Jet Fan

It was with great heartbreak that I saw the final seconds of the end of the Jet’s season, as Ben Roethlisberger took the final knee to cap a Steelers victory and another trip to the Superbowl. Once again, the Jets where shorthanded in their promise for glory.  Of course it didn’t help to start a comeback with a 24-0 deficit. Nevertheless it was a great and exciting Jets’ season all the same.

Mark Sanchez has improved a great deal from his rookie season and he shows poise when the games are at their most intense. He just needs to have more consistency and that will come with time, practice and determination.  He definitely seems to have aspirations for greatness so I’m looking forward to the future.

And things will only get harder next season as the Patriots start their second phase of their “rebuilding”.  They don’t have a bad start with 8 picks in the first rounds of the Draft. Not to mention that now all their inexperienced players from this season  have a whole year to grow from. The Jets on the other hand have to deal with an off-season of debates on who to re-sign, who to let go, etc. Needless to say things could possibly be bleak next season. This season was definitely their best chance of getting a Super Bowl ring.

But enough of what could have been. I want to take a few sentences to remember all the excitement and thrills this season has been. Almost every game was a rollercoaster. They’re wins didn’t come easy. Not even with sub .500 teams. Every week you weren’t sure what Jets team would show up. The most consistent aspects of the Jets this year was their defense and special teams. Because of this most games, especially the last few regular season games and postseason games, would go to the wire. I had many moments of elation, screaming hysterically at the TV and heartbreak.

The AFC 2011 Championship was the biggest heartbreak for a Jet fan this year. But man, what a hell of a ride it was.