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Please Help Me Decide Something On My Podcast

For those of you have been listening to the Julio From NY Show and heard episode 67, I finally put the poll up for you guys to vote on. For those of you who don’t listen and don’t know what I’m talking about, allow me to summarize. On episode 67, I discussed that I was mulling over what I should do about the closing song of the show and, to hopefully help me with my decision, I was going to put up a poll so that the fans of said podcast can vote on it.

So now the poll is up and awaiting results from votes. Even if you don’t listen to it, wouldn’t it be fun to wield such power as the fate of the closing song of a show? Give it a shot. It won’t cost you a thing and it can have such an effect on what I do. Come on, you know you want to 😉

Episode 9 is finally up and running

Due to the craziness of this past week, with new audio equipment arriving and visits to the city, episode 9 posted a day later than expected.  But at least it’s finally up and running so enjoy.

Click here to go to show notes and download link