Michael Jordan Is Most Definitely the G.O.A.T.

I enjoy watching YouTube videos. So much that I got YT Premium to avoid pesky ads and I’ve been enjoying their free YT music add-on as well. And one YouTube channel that I’m subscribed to is called Basketball Time Machine. And I guess it’s because of that channel, the YouTube algorithm has, over the years, sent me a lot of Basketball related videos and reaction videos. Especially videos regarding the Jordan-led Chicago Bulls dynasty and reaction videos of people seeing MJ highlights for the first time.

What I still find baffling is this ongoing debate whether Lebron James or Michael Jordan is the G.O.A.T. (Greatest of All Time). It’s no comparison. They need to compare LJ to Kobe Bryant before they try to compare him to MJ. But on and on it goes.

There’s this one YouTube video that I want to share that definitely puts this argument to rest (though some of the info is out of date, like LJ’s 4th championship). I’ll let you see it for yourself and be the judge:

Links I found interesting for week ending 8/30/09

As promised, here are the links I found interesting this past week . Some are enjoyable others are funny and some are just interesting. Enjoy:

This is a link to an up and coming R&B singer who is definitely enticing me to buy her album when it comes out on October 20.

This is a link to what I believe is going to be the movie of the year. But don’t take my word for it, check the link.

This is a link of a politician with poor communication skills & can’t handle hecklers. He should just give up this career choice.

This is just a funny and quick video.

Here is a link of an old Michael Jordan schooling a youngin at a little practice/workout.

This is a link of a husband doing a rather nasty prank on his wife for not listening to him.

Let me know if you prefer this format or if you would rather I just embed the video on my blog entries.  I’ll look forward to your replies.  Until the next batch of fun videos.