Week 3 of Weight Training: Still Losing Weight Despite Myself

As you can tell from my post a few days ago, I wasn’t as disciplined with myself as I was in week 2. For one, I didn’t really exercise at all except for some late night dancing at my sister-in-law’s birthday. I did at least try to maintain my daily calorie intake and because of that little bit of restraint I still manage to lose 1.5 pounds in week 3 (body fat % is at 37 but who knows hows this scale reads that).

Of course I’m pretty pleased with these results as my goals are to lose 1 pound a week and so far I’m more than exceeding that quota. This week of course I’m going to take it more easy in the fun department and get more exercise in (as in, I’ll be staying in this week. My fun tank is on empty). Just one more night of partying to do today and then I’m locking myself in.

The exhaustion kicked in. I’m just going to be vegetating at home. A “Cheers” marathon sounds about the right speed for me at this time.

A quick plug for Doug Stanhope

So last night was quite a night for me and I’ll get into it in a later blog post but I first want to promote the hell out an upcoming comedy show.  Thanks to comedian, Ray Devito, I recently got into comedian Doug Stanhope.  And within a month of listening and enjoying Doug’s albums, “Something To Take the Edge Off” and “Sicko” I came to find out with glee that he’s going to be performing in New York City at Comix Comedy Club in the first week of November.

Earlier this week, after seeing a great comedy show that commemorated Punchline Magazine’s 4 year anniversary, I was told that there was also a discount code people could use to get a great discount on a great show.  I figured the best way to promote this discount would be to put a page on my blog and here’s the link for it. Doug Stanhope is a great nitty gritty comic and I encourage anyone and everyone to take advantage of this promotion code to save some money as well as just enjoy a great show.

So what is your favorite social network?

I remember when the Internet first became more visual-friendly in ’95 and dial-up was pretty much the norm for most Internet users. Around this time, unless you had AOL or AIM, the only other way you could communicate with others on the Internet (if you had a t1 line) was through telnet and/or ICQ. Nowadays, in the world of broadband, there are so many different ways to communicate with people. Chat rooms and chat applications still exist but now you also have web 2.0 sites such as myspace, facebook and twitter to name a few. I have re-created log-ins on a few of them but the social network tool that seems to have gotten me the most captivated are forums, specifically the forum in the Keith and The Girl website.

According to wikipedia web forums have existed since 1996. Apparently I was oblivious to them until more recently. I guess I’m sort of old-fashioned when it comes to technology but I just feel that there is more camaraderie and interaction in a web forum then in myspace, twitter or facebook. In those other three I really only look for people that I know and just try and keep in touch with them; whereas, on a web forum I have a discussion of ideas, however trivial, with absolute strangers and develop new relationships from there. At least, those are my two cents. I’m sure there are others who disagree with my sentiments.