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New Podcast On The Rise

After taking a few weeks off I’m once again getting the bug to record a podcast again. However, I didn’t feel like continuing with “The Julio From NY Show”. Thus a new show was born: The Mundane Chatter Podcast. I’m pretty psyched with this new project even though there are very little variances from the last show.  The big one of course is the title which I’ll go into more detail in the first episode when it launches in a few weeks or so. Also, I decided I’ll be more stringent in the show format. It won’t vary from episode to episode like the last show did. The Mundane Chatter Podcast will be all-talk throughout. There will be no segments between topics and little to no music will be played on the new show. Other than that, the show will  be similar in scope with topics ranging from a variety of personal interests. You can also follow The Mundane Chatter Podcast on Twitter to get the most up to date information of when  a new episode is up and running. Here’s hoping you give it a listen.