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Google Sites Isn’t For Me

I’m currently using WordPress.com for my blog as well as for my podcast but I was wondering if there were other free website options where I would have more control. The main thing I would like to do is to be able to add Google AdSense, Google Analytics and of course PayPal donation buttons. With this in my mind I thought I would try out Google Sites as a possible alternative.

At first, I wasn’t sure how to navigate around my options or add pages, etc. But once I got the hang of it I was able to make a decent page. Alas, there wasn’t a way to integrate a blog option into the site which is key for a blog or podcast. With this limitation that pretty much made Google Sites a non-option for me.

I then decided to fool around with Apple’s  iWeb. I have a Mac so the software is at the palm of my fingertips and of course I use MobileMe so why not. The problem with iWeb as I find with a lot of Apple products is it’s need to keep you insulated within the Apple ecosystem. In order to publish a page from iWeb, you need MobileMe and the only RSS feed you can use is the one that’s generated by iWeb which is of course linked to MobileMe. Forget the fact that I already have my own RSS feed via Feedburner or that I upload my audio files somewhere other than my MobileMe account. If I want to make a podcast website with iWeb it’s pretty much all or nothing. I opted for nothing.

So for now, WordPress.com is my free website builder of choice for all my creative needs. I was at least able to incorporate a PayPal option to my podcast’s site with a lone PayPal page via iWeb. I guess I did find some workaround to the “all or nothing” philosophy of the iLife group of products.

Redesigned the old website

Anyone who has checked out the site the past few days will have noticed that there has been constant tinkering going on. I created my original homepage with the Mac product, iWeb. Since getting my new computer, I realized that I’ve lost an essential iWeb file that prevented me from making updates to the site unless I started from scratch. From this little disaster, a simple idea began to manifest. Continue reading “Redesigned the old website”

My continued push/pull struggle with accepting/rejecting Apple products

Anyone who knows me, knows that I have an ambiguous relationship with Apple products. I admit I’ve had less stress with their computers vs. my time with PC’s; however, I resent their self-insulating take on everything that Apple. Granted, that may very well be one of the reasons why their products work so seamlessly and smoothly because of that micro-managing style, but I hate being restricted from options.  Take for instance, the iPod.  It’s an ok mp3 player and it gets the job done but there are other mp3 players out there that are cheaper and better.  Unfortunately, iTunes only runs on the iPod, and since I’m a podcast listener, and iTunes has a better way of organizing podcasts and whatnot, I’m stuck using an iPod with iTunes.  Another item that I’m currently at odds with is iWeb.

Continue reading “My continued push/pull struggle with accepting/rejecting Apple products”