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The Julio From NY Show Episode 48: Back In Business

Show Notes for Episode 48: Back In Business

-Theme Music provided by EQ
Audio clip from The Jimmy Dore Show
-Much love for Blue Mics
-Quick Shout out to Big Jim and Rhian over at the Audiobuzzed podcast
-Podcast Recommendation: Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast
Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Farewell Address

News Stories I found Interesting:
Married RE teacher Madelieine Martin jailed after seducing schoolboy, 15 on Facebook
Retailers Take a Wait-and-See Approach To Holiday Hiring
The Religious Wars
Surgery for Mental Ills Offers Both Hope and Risk
Dubai’s Investment Fund Crisis Unnerves Investors for a Second Day
It may be BYOB as fewer firms plan holiday parties
Britons are ugly, dating website concludes
Robotic hamsters are holidays’ unlikely new craze

Track List:

-Dedicated by Irene B
-My Life by Bambino
-Blue Gold by Bastion Buddons
How Many Times by 360

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The Julio From NY Show Episode 25: Yeah I Can Be A Sap Too

The Julio From NY Show Episode 25: Yeah I Can Be A Sap Too
-Mixer is still out for repairs
-Celebrated 12 years together
-Celebrated my 32nd birthday
-Hung out with friends and family
-Newstories I find interesting
-Podcast Recommendation: Escape Pod
-Wrap up

News Stories I Find Interesting:
Women try to have woman accused of affair deported
Vampyre jailed after allegedly harassing teen
Japanese farmers are trying to sell bull for Valentine’s Day
Amazon unveils slimmer Kindle reader

News Stories Claudia Finds Interesting:
Signs of the Times: On Valentine’s Day Give A Foreclosed Home
What do Valentines do in other countries; Valentine’s paella anyone?
Free Jewelry for Valentine’s Day — Really!

Track List:
That’s All by Nicole Henry
Love On My Mind by Movin Melvin Brown
In The Strangest Places We Find Love by Astronauts of Antiquity
My Funny Valentine by Sylvia Bennett

Abandona El Amor by Omar Alexander & Soulare

Changes by Omar Alexander & Soulare
Are You The One For Me? by Irene B

Songs submitted by IODA Promonet:

The Very Thought of YouNicole Henry
“That’s All” (mp3)
from “The Very Thought of You”
(Banister Records, Inc.)

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Episode 9 is finally up and running

Due to the craziness of this past week, with new audio equipment arriving and visits to the city, episode 9 posted a day later than expected.  But at least it’s finally up and running so enjoy.

Click here to go to show notes and download link