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Embracing My Inner Mac Fanboy

I’ve spent quite a bit of money on Apple with my annual membership fees of MobileMe since the days of dot mac and after much time exerted on trying to resist using all of its functions I’ve decided to embrace it whole-heartedly.  Part of the reason of course is the money. If I spend $99/year for a service, I might as well use it to its fullest. The other reason is Google’s exponential growth these past few years.  It just seems that they are spreading their tendrils on every bit of technology available and with the fact that they’re in the business of selling information for ads and my  sudden urge to limit how much exposure I have on the grid, it just seemed like the right time to switch from Gmail to MobileMe.

Also, as it may not be all too clear, my constant fiddling with technology is all for a single-minded purpose and that’s of course convenience and minimizing functions. And since I have an iPhone and MobileMe works seamless with it vs. Gmail it was just much easier to make this decision. Why it took me this long to come to this decision? Various reasons of course. One was that I was trying to weed out of MobileMe initially. But now I’m embracing the fact that I’ll most likely never use a non-mac platform for personal use again, if I can help it.  It has been the simplest and most pain-free computer experience that I’ve had all my life and even though it comes at a premium, most conveniences are at a price.

Just look at cell phone services. The cheapest one is T-Mobile. But the best overall mobile phone and data service in New York City is Verizon. So do you save money and risk dropped calls and faulty internet connection on your cell or do you just pay for pain-free service? At the moment I have AT&T but that’s because of the iPhone (obviously). And with the rumors that the iPhone will be launched under the Verizon platform pretty soon, I’ll look forward to switching to even better service as soon as my contract expires.

So no more Windows and no more dreaming of the possibilities of Linux once I get around to learning how to use it.  Just Apple all the way, with it’s exclusive-all-encompassing yet simple to use service.  Now to bask in my convenience and ease of use.

My Podcast Got Added To Stitcher!

For anyone who is a fan of podcasts and wanted the ability to stream their favorite shows like a radio station a la pandora, Stitcher is the website for you. If you have an iPhone, Blackberry, Palm Pre/Pixi or Android phone, there is also an app to make streaming easier. I had heard of this program a few months ago (right when I first got my iPhone) but they seemed to had a limited amount of shows to choose from.

Then lo and behold, when I checked out Marc Maron’s website recently, I realized that they have been adding more content and that they now had the option for podcasters to request that they add their shows on their directory as well. I immediately emailed them and can now proudly say, The Julio From NY Show is now available on Stitcher as well. Please support them and my show as well by clicking on the Stitcher badge below, signing up and adding my show to your favorites.

And Once Again, I’m On The Other Side Of The Fence

I decided to do some more research on Safari RSS to see if my possible transition would be a good one. Needless to say, I became wary of a security issue that Safari had around a year ago. Even though a security patch has since been implemented, I’d hate to make myself vulnerable to a possible breach in the future. And then, along my net-surfing horizon, NetNewsWire appeared before me.

The NetNewsWire RSS reader software syncs with Google Reader as well as with your desktop and iPhone seamlessly (so I won’t have to spend anytime importing my feeds from Google Reader after all. Phew! Time saved).  I decided to download the free app on my iPhone to give it a try.  Despite it’s 3-star rating on the app store, I found it to run smoothly and comparable to Safari RSS if not slightly better. Not only that but because they’re all in-sync, unlike glitchy Apple Mail, everything is marked off as read once I mark it. So I don’t have to go to Google Reader or the desktop version of NNW to make sure everything matches (something that needs to be worked on with Apple Mail’s IMAP option w/gmail). I’m really looking forward to downloading the desktop app tonight and give it a go.

So just as quickly as that, I’m opting to using an alternative to an Apple product.  I’ll stick with my MacBook Pro, and Snow Leopard because that has been my best PC experience thus far (and of course my iPhone has been my best smartphone/cellphone experience as well). But if there is an open-platform option for anything else that will work to my satisfaction I’ll gladly make that jump.