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To Screen Protect Or Not To Screen Protect

Screen protectors seem to be an ongoing debate with me. Since my first iPhone, I was all about overprotecting it and putting it in a case with a screen protector. Then when I got my iPhone 4, something interesting happened. I put a screen protector on it but unbeknownst to me I also had removed it and was none the wiser for over a year. When I did realize, my screen remained relatively unscratched for the whole time that I possessed it (just a few micro scratches near the home button and one or two on the screen itself).

This revelation made me have more faith in the magic of gorilla glass and so when I got my HTC One X I didn’t think about getting a screen protector at all. As has been documented I had that phone for at most 6 months and it had a lot more scratches than I ever experienced on my iPhone 4. So this time around, with the iPhone 5, I decided I’ll at least get a case that has a front cover, very much akin to the flip case that Samsung sells for the Galaxy S III. What currently serves that purpose is the wallet case by Hex. Still, I decided to get the screen protector so that I can have the option to switch cases without having to worry about getting scratches on my screen.

I got the screen protector by Belkin and my attempts to install it were a bust. I ended up throwing away both screens that came with the package. Not only that but ironically my attempts to administer the screen protector on my phone may have inadvertently put scratches on my screen. The thing I wanted to avoid ended up coming to fruition. Now the scratches are extremely minor and can only be seen around the receiver in the right light and only if it has been recently cleaned with a glass cleaner and it’s completely devoid of all smudges. But still there they are. Of course, prior to noticing this, I already ordered another screen protector from Skinomi. It’s one of those wet application screen protectors and I’ve just been told that those type of films can actually cause corrosion to the screen. I never heard of this before and all my google searches to confirm this allegation were moot. So should I just send that screen protector back and leave my screen bare or proceed with protecting it?

Pastures Aren’t Always Greener On The Other Side

I’ve come to realize that I am truly fickle-minded. Especially when it comes to gadgets. Not too long ago I said that I was interested in the Nexus 4. However, LG seems unable to keep up with demand and it’s always in a sold-out state. Add to that, my current smartphone, the HTC One X, seems to have more glitches than when I first bought it. Or maybe I’m tired of having to deal with glitches in general.

This experience has definitely steered me away from any and all Android variants. It’s either the Nexus or nothing from here on. Unfortunately, as I just mentioned, it isn’t readily available. In fact from the inception of the Nexus line it alway seemed that you had to jump through hoops to get one.

As much as I am a gadget enthusiast I’m a consumer first and the consumer experience has always been priority for me. And as reluctant as I am to admit it, Apple is tops when it comes to customer service and the customer experience in general. The iPhone 5 is readily available in all their stores and in all carriers’ brick and mortar store as well. Just walk in and buy one. And I know what to expect with the iPhone. Yeah I mentioned that I’m a little bored of the interface as I’ve used an iPhone for about 3 years and with few exceptions I know all the tricks. But on top of knowing what to expect, there aren’t any glitches with the interface and all the apps I use o iOS are pretty consistent and efficient across the board.

That has been my experience with iOS at least. I can’t say the same for my Android experience. And now that Google Maps is once again available for the iPhone. It’s pretty much a no-brainer. I’m back on Team iPhone. At least for another 2 years. Maybe by the then, Google will have the same great customer service backing their Nexus line which will then make it a more appealing device for me because of its customization abilities as well. We shall see.

SNL Parody of “iPhone 5 flaws”

Just saw this wonderful SNL skit parodying the complaints that a lot of people seem to have with the new iPhone 5:

As much as I giggled watching this I couldn’t help but think back to Louis C.K.’s rant on Conan.

It really is amazing about our perspective on what we think sucks depending on the situation we’re in.