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Super Tuesday and Delegates and Super Delegates, oh my!

So I’ve been trying my best to follow the political races and I’m getting confused beyond all reason. According to MSNBC, Obama has 838 delegates to Clinton’s 834. However when I jump over to CNN, Clinton is up with 818 while Obama is down with 730. The Associated Press (found on the homepage of NY Times website) shows that Clinton is leading Obama in the delegate count 1,000 to 902; whereas, the NY Times’ actual count is showing Obama winning 34 to Clinton’s 21. Now why are the NY Times numbers so drastically smaller than everyone else’s you might ask? Well the reason is that, “the New YorkTimes counts only delegates that have been officially selected and are bound by their preferences.”

So what does this all mean? Heck if I know. The only constant, no matter the numbers, is that the Democratic race is a close one. Now the Republican side is a different story. There are some discrepancies with the numbers for the Republican on the websites I mentioned above as well; however, they all show McCain with a large majority. This doesn’t hold true for the Democrats because some sites show Obama winning, others show Clinton in the lead.

Another funny webvideo

Throughout the week I was getting ready to vent about Mike Huckabee and some of the things he said in Michigan about the Constitution; however, my knowledge of politics is limited and I didn’t want to sound like another ill-informed pundit. So instead, I kept trying to soothe my frustrations and pondered on other things to talk about, when I stumbled upon this Crunchgear article. Needless to say, this was the cure to my ails and I’m a happier and less stressed person for it. Hope you check them out and enjoy them as well. Until the next blog entry…