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The Julio From NY Show Episode 51

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Show Notes for Episode 51: What to do?
Past New Year’s Resolution
-New Year’s festivities leading up to 2010, also trying to get episode 50 up in a timely fashion
-Resolutions for 2010

Expectations for 2010:
-Finding that elusive 2nd/part-time job
-Possibly converting to WordPress Codex for website design
-Fall Internship
-What does the future hold for this podcast?

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Redesigned the old website

Anyone who has checked out the site the past few days will have noticed that there has been constant tinkering going on. I created my original homepage with the Mac product, iWeb. Since getting my new computer, I realized that I’ve lost an essential iWeb file that prevented me from making updates to the site unless I started from scratch. From this little disaster, a simple idea began to manifest. Continue reading “Redesigned the old website”

Going to get more acquainted with WordPress: Possible end to Tumblr account

With my sporadic insurgent need to write, albeit, not necessarily creative, well thought out or profound, I decided to pull all my focus to my original blog and let the Tumblr account go to the wayside. I noticed, as I originally suspected, that during the holidays, when I had little time to distract myself with Twitter, Facebook or any other social networking site, I started thinking more proactively about my websites, blog and podcast. One might say creatively but I don’t think putting my unfiltered and non-constructed thoughts into the Internet ether really merits that label.
Continue reading “Going to get more acquainted with WordPress: Possible end to Tumblr account”