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Scott Sigler wished me a happy birthday!!!

Normally I’m not much for making a big hoopla about myself. But I just received a sound file from Scott Sigler saying happy birthday to me and I was very much in glee. For those of you who do now know Sigler, he is one of the first authors to put one of his novels in podcast form. His first podcast novel was Earthcore. Since then he’s gone on to produce many more sci-fi horror related novels and got a book deal with Crown Publishing. His first book with Crown, Infected, will be launching later this year.

Now before I get hate mail from other “junkies” out on the internets (Sigler’s moniker for his fanbase), let me remind you guys that he mentioned something about this in a previous episode. He stated that he was trying to allocate all his fanbase’s information into a database so that he can do little special things for them (such as wish them Happy Birthdays, invite them to pub crawls, book launches, etc). I’m sure you’ll all be getting your birthday wishes from him soon enough. All you have to do is sign up to his website and you’ll be added to his database.

Anyway, Happy Birthday to me, check out Scott Sigler’s website and I’ll see you guys later.