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Anyone Wants To Get A Chromebook or Chromebox?

So Google, along with Samsung, has released new Chromebooks and Chrome boxes with the new Chrome OS. I definitely see the potential of this new technology and I like the idea of using the Cloud for everything; however, I find it a too pricy for what you’re getting.

Unlike Apple computers that are pricier than your average PC , the Chrome devices are far below Windows machines on the hardware spectrum. They’re trying to sell the experience but at least with Apple, along with the experience, you’re also getting a very capable machine that is just as good as any other PC in the market.

I guess one of the reasons that this appeals to me is that I’ve steadily been using more and more Google products over the years. The idea of having everything all integrated in a Google atmosphere is somewhat compelling (I do realize how ironic this sounds as I always lament the Apple closed ecosystem). But again, the fact remains, I can access all Google products on any computer browser and then, when I’m done with Google, I’m able to do more. Because of this, I don’t think I’ll ever jump at a chance to buy a Chromebook/Chrombox. Then again if they actually make them affordable (i.e., cheaper than any computer/netbook on the market that is obviously more capable than a Chrome device), who knows.