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Joining more social networks

I was becoming increasingly frustrated with keeping track of my twitter feeds and I was hoping to find some other way of making it more convenient besides just having a plug-in to my browser, when my wife introduced me to Friendfeed.  According to her, this would be a useful website for me because it strings conversations along in a linear user-friendly style.  After signing up and noticing that I could add other social networks in their so I could just have a all-in-one site, I stumbled upon Goodreads.

Anyone who knows me knows that I love to read and try whenever I can find the time.  More importantly if ever I’m curious about a book I always have to do a search for reviews and wonder if the review I’m reading is tailored to my tastes.  Well according to this site, which is a social network for book-lovers, you can link to like-minded individuals and read their reviews, likes and dislikes and see if you can find some good recommendations for yourself as well as suggest some of your own.  This sounds all fine and dandy, though I’m sure I’ll be wasting more time on the Internet before I can find a way to better manage it so I can focus on other things in my life.  Here’s hoping that time comes soon.  Now with this and a new podcast, I just keep piling stuff for me to do on my plate with no end in site.

At least I just have one site to visit now and maybe add more books to my “to do” list while I’m there.